CTTE Logo 2000x2000pixl PNGThe Cape Town Talent Exchange (CTTE) was the first exchange group in the Community Exchange Network. It was launched in February 2003 with just a handful of members, mostly those who served as its initial steering committee. Within a year membership had grown to 324 and then things really started to take off.

From that time on, membership has grown steadily to its current total of 6912, though not all those members are active.

Today the CTTE is one of the largest communities in the world using an alternative exchange system. Many members have benefitted enormously, being able to acquire goods and services that they would not otherwise contemplate. By giving and helping others a support network has developed, which all members can call on.

If you would like to experience trading without using Rands, click on the Join button above and sign up for an account. You will be able to start trading immediately; there is no need to earn 'currency' first. Whatever you receive, you 'pay' for it by doing or giving something to someone else.

Experience a new way of 'doing' money, that will make you friends at the same time!