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# Date Offering Rate Area
1 26 May 2024 Gymtrim Wooden stall exercise bar

Stall bars are a versatile piece of equipment perfect for sports medicine clinics, gyms, physical therapy clinics, and hospitals alike. Users can perform shoulder range of motion exercise from a sitting or standing position. Price New:R3600.00 - offering T1000 + R500. Dimensions: 2.20 X 80. Very good condition.

200 Talents
2 25 May 2024 Water Filter - Counter Top

H20 Water Filter - filter cartrige can be changed 

R 200 and T 400
3 25 May 2024 Journey to Wild Divine computor game

This beautiful meditation mind game was a gift and I played it often, but that was from a laptop that has since gone. I have never been able to upload it to my windows 7 computer. If someone is looking for a very special Christmas present and is good with computers, this is it. Make me an offer that is fair. I also have all the disks and even sealed CD for a Mac.

4 25 May 2024 New Books!

We have many new books in our basement, most were distribution titles from the UK and the USA and some of our own Kima Global publications. Anyone who sells books on markets can come and browse and buy for talents and you can sell for Rands!

10 - 20- 40-
5 23 May 2024 Volkano Diamond speakers

Volkano Diamond Series USB Powered Speakers - Red


Rosemary seeds grown permaculturally.
These seeds need colding in the freezer before planting.
Rosemary is known for heart health!
Talents or seed barter,
Thanks Catríona,

7 21 May 2024 Tui Na massage

Tui Na -TCM traditional medical massage.
A massage that is restorative and can help the healing of current, old or unresolved injuries.
The client can choose what area to be worked on specifically or can choose a whole body treatment(+_2 hrs).

Thanks Catríona,

T500/2hrs or T260/1hr
8 21 May 2024 Avocado & Pillipilli Seedlings

Avocado & Pillipilli Seedlings, grown from seed, they are in the ground, the berries of the Pillipilli make a nice alternative to Sumac when dried and ground.

Plants-Seeds- barter
9 21 May 2024 Energy Healing work and intuitive massage

Are you feeling discombobulated or generally out of sorts, or do you just feel the need for some nurturing and healing?

I am offering Aura clearing and sealing, bio-energy healing reiki and emotional energy release treatments as well as herbal steaming and intuitive massage. The price depends on the length of time and energy spent on the treatment. Therefore displayed price is a guide. 


10 21 May 2024 Writing

Have you got a big thing to say and lots of ideas flying round your head, but don't know where to begin in clearly communicating it to others?  Maybe I can help? I am a freelance journalist with 30 years experience.  I have been blogging in the digital medium since 2012.  I am also a documentary film maker.  I can help you distill your story into a simple and clearly communicated piece, which you can use to further your goals.  If you are trying to simplify your profile or biography, or describe your business, I can help you do that. I can write press-releases and proposals too.

Negotiable according nature of work
11 21 May 2024 GUITAR FOR JOY - Learn to Play & Enjoy your GUITAR
- Beginner to intermediate guitar lessons: one-on-one or group format for ages 9 to 90
- Desire to learn to play the guitar and use a reliable instrument is important
- No previous knowledge of music theory or guitar technique necessary
- Lessons are about 55 minutes (Muizenberg, CT)
Using the classical (or steel-string acoustic) guitar as an instrument of choice for learning, we explore the basic principles of music and its effect on our emotions, thoughts and well-being
  • Interactive and enjoyable lessons help develop confidence at your own comfortable pace
  • Explore foundational techniques required to produce beautiful sounds on the guitar in any style of music
  • Learn how and why the guitar fretboard and tuning system is unique among stringed instruments
  • Learn why the guitar is so popular among those who want to express themselves musically
About my experience:
- Studied classical guitar with the late Dietrich Wagner at Stellenbosch University and completed Grade 7 guitar curriculum Cum Laude
- Teaching guitar in community music programme for several years
- Performing music in groups or as solo artist since 1993
- Involved in several commercial releases and productions spanning several popular music genres
140 (half)
140 (half)
12 20 May 2024 Writing
I write articles and other non-fiction pieces
13 18 May 2024 Photography Session

An outdoor photography session at a location of your choice, or recommended by me. For a 30 minute session, you will receive 15-20 high quality images, both in high resolution and low resolution (social media) format. For an hour, you will receive 40-70 images. Special requests will be priced accordingly. 

400/30 minutes, 700/hour
14 18 May 2024 Organic Seeds

African Marigold T10/20seeds
Red Amaranth T30/2g-5ml
Green Amaranth T30/2g-5ml
Globe Artichoke T20/10seeds
Brinjal T20/10seeds
Broccoli T20/100seeds-2,5ml
California Poppies T30/100seeds-1ml
Cancer Bush T30/50seeds-1ml
Carob T20/10seeds
Flax T20/200seeds-7,5ml
Fennel T10/50seeds-7,5ml
Moringa T20/5seeds
Papaver - Poppies T30/5ml
Sorghum black T30/7,5ml
Sorghum red T30/7,5ml
Thai Basil T10/1ml
Pick up from Ocean View / delivery Fish Hoek to Kommetjie by arrangement only
All seeds are from organically grown plants, no pesticides or insecticide used on the plants

Ocean View
15 18 May 2024 Paintings
I am a mural artist
T400 per square metre
16 18 May 2024 Portraits
I do portraits
T200 a4 T400 a3
17 18 May 2024 Paintings
I can do any commission
T2000 - T5000