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# Date Offering Rate Area
1 27 Nov 2023 Barefoot Leather Shoe Workshop

A barefoot shoe made by you from sustainably sourced game leather

Next workshop is on the 3nd December 2023 at Soil for Life

Cape Town
2 26 Nov 2023 First Moon Circle

My next First Moon Circle, for children between the ages of 8 and 12 who are approaching menarche or have recently started their monthly bleed, will be held on 10 February 2024.
I am offering 1 place in the circle for purely Talents.

Cape Town
3 25 Nov 2023 Video Mapping
Mapping video to objects and architecture, such as stages,trees, canyons, buildings, sculptures etc using video projectors together with live video performance software to paint light onto surfaces creating a moving immersive experience. Can be used for parties, product launches and public/corporate events. I have been doing this for many years at many of the major events/concerts/parties around the Cape Town area and nationally.
Projector rental 2500-15000-mapping per night 4500-12000
Fish Hoek
4 25 Nov 2023 Photography
I do a broad range of photography from portraiture to food, events and fine art Photography
2000-6000 per day depending on the commercial value of the shoot.
Fish Hoek
5 24 Nov 2023 Journey to Wild Divine computor game

This beautiful meditation mind game was a gift and I played it often, but that was from a laptop that has since gone. I have never been able to upload it to my windows 7 computer. If someone is looking for a very special Christmas present and is good with computers, this is it. Make me an offer that is fair. I also have all the disks and even sealed CD for a Mac.

6 24 Nov 2023 Free PDF downloads

I have been working on this Language of Light blog during our lockdown in Cape Town, South Africa and decided to gradually release all my written work published in printed form and some as eBooks. These books and journals will stay for sale on Amazon, as well.
I’ve Started with the Doodle journals as free PDF downloads for people to start doodling while confined to their homes.

Donations are always welcome in T
7 24 Nov 2023 New Books!

We have many new books in our basement, most were distribution titles from the UK and the USA and some of our own Kima Global publications. Anyone who sells books on markets can come and browse and buy for talents and you can sell for Rands!

10 - 20- 40-
8 24 Nov 2023 Wood offcuts

After several renovations, we are sitting with lots of wood offcuts. Some can easily be used for shelving etc. we also have an office chair that can be added as a contribution to clearing our garage. 

9 23 Nov 2023 Electric Cooler Box, 12Volt and 220V

Camp Master Cooler Box , 12Volt during travel in your vehicle and 220V at the campsite 


10 23 Nov 2023 Grow in your Career

T400 per hour for a Personal Career Strategic Session

Contact Wendy Summers

082 3 324 324

11 23 Nov 2023 Interview Coaching

T400 per hour

Prepare for your next interview

12 23 Nov 2023 Career Coaching

T400 per hour for CV writing and Career Coaching

Contact Wendy Summers - 082 3 324 324

13 23 Nov 2023 Dog Walking
I would walk your dog around the neighborhood or to a local park for however many hours is required
T50 an hour
14 23 Nov 2023 Babysitting
I’m a qualified junior lifeguard so I know cpr and Heimlich maneuver
T100 per hour
15 23 Nov 2023 Help With Building Projects/gardening
I can help with gardening projects or small building projects if you just tell me what to do I’ll be happy to do it.
T100 per hour
16 22 Nov 2023 Natural Health Coach
Online individual and personalised health coaching session (40 minutes):
250 Ŧ per 30 minutes
Cape Town
17 22 Nov 2023 Educator And Workshop Facilitator
Talks for groups: Negotiated depending on travel and time Topics: * Creating a natural home apothecary * Wholesome nutrition to prevent and address chronic illness * Wild power-menstrual cycle awareness and reframing * Wise power - menopause awareness and reframing * Rewilding the feminine - connecting to nature to tap in to the wisdom of place as medicine
500 Ŧ per hour or part thereof, travelling charged for extra
Cape Town
18 22 Nov 2023 FREE I AM Online Workshop - Ascended Master Teachings

This 12-session online workshop from the Ascended Master material gives us the Information, methods and techniques to make the Ascension at the close of this Earth life, and assist the Earth and all life on her, at this critical time of great change!

All interested in Ascension & assisting the Earth at this time
19 22 Nov 2023 FREE I AM WORKSHOP Noordhoek - Ascended Master Teachings

FREE 2-day "I AM" WORKSHOP - Noorhdoek 

18th & 19th November 2023

9am  - 3pm both days 

All interested in Ascension
20 22 Nov 2023 FREE I AM Workshop RECORDED ONLINE - Ascended Master Teachings


Ascended Master Teachings that change our lives if we ACCEPT, LEARN & APPLY THEM

  • Our Source of Life, our  individualised "I AM" God-Presence
  • The Universal Laws that govern our lives
  • Rhythmic breath - The Fountain of Youth
  • The use of the Violet Fire & Light Rays to transmute karma
  • Working with the Angels & Elementals to bring 'Heaven to Earth'

083 227 0269

All interested in Ascension & assisting the Earth at this time
21 22 Nov 2023 Alexander Technique lessons

The Alexander Technique is a taught self-help method which teaches us a better way of 'using' ourselves, that is, how we balance, move and coordinate our bodies. We learn to reduce stressful muscle tension habits which limit our functioning, cause us pain, and distort the naturally graceful poise we had as children.

While it is an educational method, an Alexander lesson is extremely relaxing to receive. Your nervous system quietens down, and there is a sense of integration and calm. You also learn to look after yourself, if you persist and apply the work.

I completed my 3-year training in Brighton, UK in 1995. I've worked as an Alexander teacher ever since. I'm offering 3 lessons, at the cost of T400 per lesson.


T400 per lesson
22 22 Nov 2023 Bean Bag

Small, brown, suede-like bean bag.  42 cm diameter.

Fish Hoek
23 22 Nov 2023 Plastic Containers

Addis (tupperware) set

Fish Hoek
24 22 Nov 2023 Lampshade

Small silvery grey lamp shade that clips onto a small bulb. Top of the shade diameter is 8.5cm. Bottom is 17.5cm.

Fish Hoek
25 22 Nov 2023 Unisex Outdoor Jacket

Unisex outdoor jacket with side pockets and one front pocket. In immaculate condition. 100 % polyester shell and lining. Size Small on the label, but more a size 34.

Fish Hoek
26 22 Nov 2023 Wooden Lamp Base

Beautiful wooden lamp base.

Fish Hoek
27 22 Nov 2023 Lamp Base

Creamy white painted, wooden lamp base.

Fish Hoek
28 22 Nov 2023 Plates and mugs

2 x dinner plates, 2 x side plates, 2 x pudding bowls, 2 x mugs. Turquoise colour

29 22 Nov 2023 Motorcycle Cover

Oxford brand, extra large motorcycle cover. This is for BIG bikes, 650cc and up. Excellent condition. Hardly ever used.

30 21 Nov 2023 Web hosting on our dedicated server with Xneelo

INKFISH has a dedicated server with Xneelo, who we have trusted with our hosting for 20 years now and are currently hosting well over 100 sites.

Purchase of domain name and renewal of domain name not included.

T1200 p/y
Cape Town
31 20 Nov 2023 Relaxing Scrub & Reflex Foot Massage

Lovely cleansing, relaxing foot massage. We are trying out some new techniques and body scrubs at our little day spa. 

Southern Suburbs