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# Date Offering Rate Area
1 1 Jun 2023 Family Constellation

Family Constellations Workshop

Join us on Sunday 11th of June

at Shanti Sanctuary

from 8.30 to 16.30

RSVP Nicolette on 083 690 9698


EXQUISITE Needlecrafts : Colourful unique finely crafted teacloths, tablecloths, wallhangings, QUILTS : ONE OF A KIND❇️❇️❇️Makes lovely gifts for those who appreciate handcrafted items. I can also barter completed items for materials such as foam chips, beads & braids or other decorative titbits you may have such as broken jewelry or necklaces no longer worn. 

3 31 May 2023 MERKABA and/or Starseed Origin CONSULTATIONS

Change comes FROM DEEP WITHIN .. I'm able to guide you to your core in a healing process. Giving BALANCE & clarity to others is my PASSION. (Testimonials : HTTPS/>presence ) I can clarify your unique Merkaba' which will assist you as we navigate these planetary shifts. When outmoded matrixes start to dissolve, you can be sure that there are elements in your unconscious that need to dissolve too. Call me if you are a brave light worker who is willing to become vulnerable at your core or would like to quantum heal genetic encodings, particularly related to class, race, gender or nationality.

4 31 May 2023 MEDITATION

MEDITATION IS A MUST SKILL for any age. BUT WHICH TECHNIQUE TO USE ? There are many different techniques suiting different people & situations. I'm knowledgeable about many & can advise on which technique to use & possible pitfalls of each. Feel free to call /mail if you would like to chat about your meditation practice, personal development process or challenges relating to these .


5 31 May 2023 Tarot & Numerology

Accurate Online Tarot & Numerology Readings. I've been doing readings for over 24yrs. Readings are based on healing paradigms. We can also work through your Merkaba' with insights Tarot brings. Call/msg/mail about your healing or evolutionary process or about our planetary upgrade into 5th dimension. Check out some brief Major Arcana explanations I've uploaded onto my YouTube channel to see if you resonate with these. ( YouTube @ghairodanielspresence)

( Testimonials on>presence

6 31 May 2023 Healings & Attunements

I offer Healing Consultation on many levels using several modalities, albeit mainly using my insighful intuition : I'm able to facilitate using Seichem /Sekhem, Reiki, Merkaba Teachings, Kaballah Teachings, SatNamRasayan, Quantum Healing, amoungst other. If you are a Reiki practitioner, I can upgrade your Attunement to Sekhem. Starseed origin, Tarot & Numerology readings available with or without Energy Attunements. Call/mail for details or to tailor a healing program according to your needs. If you need clarity on the plethora of healing modalities from which to choose for your evolutionary journey on this planet, I'm very experienced. Giving clarity on healing issues is my passion.

Testimonials on website at>presence //

Articles : ghairodanielspresence/

Or check my social media PGs:
Tiktok : gurugoddessghairo/ YouTube @ghairodanielspresence/ IG : gurugoddessghairo144000

7 31 May 2023 Poetry & Story Editing, Online writing Tuition & Guidance / as healing tool or journaling or online publication

Do you have poems or stories needing editing or comment ? I can help you with such either as a healing tool or for publication preparation. Read my beautiful childhood stories in District Six : Memories, Thoughts & Images, which received rave reviews in SA & abroad to get an idea of my style & orientation or check out style on or Poetry & Short story facilitation available as well. Mail or call to discuss working together.

8 31 May 2023 Life Situation Reading

Want to know if you're fulfilling your purpose here? I use my intuition, some tarot cards, and a few well-placed questions to help you discern if you're on track. If you're not in track, suggestions will be provided on how to get back on track. These usually come in the form of downloads from YOUR higher self, I just act as messenger.
Please note: I am not a traditional psychic or tarot reader such as you might find at holistic fairs or online. I don't answer questions about when you'll meet your boyfriend or get your inheritance. If those are your questions, please find other adverts to engage with.

9 30 May 2023 Sourdough Culture With Bread-making Recipe

Try my sourdough starter culture, along with a little 'how-to' written recipe guide sent to your phone/email. My culture has been growing for 9 years (they mature with age)! Bring your own small glass jar when you collect in Muizenberg

10 30 May 2023 Yoga Class
Yoga class All levels Vinyasa Yin Hatha
11 29 May 2023 Somatic Coach and Retreat Facilitator

SOMATIC COACH AND RETREAT FACILITATOR FOR WOMEN OVER 50.  15 years in private practice and 4 years clinical experience in Cape Town. Offering online group training programmes, coaching and consulting via Zoom, and in-person group retreats, specifically designed for women over 50. Contact: +27834476508

T1950 ph
R1950 ph
12 26 May 2023 CD micro hifi

Telefunken cd micro hifi with remote in box

13 25 May 2023 Quantum Human Design Reading

Finally get the answers that you've been looking for about who you are and why you are here. Understand what lessons you are meant to learn during this lifetime and how to navigate them with less frustration, anger and struggle.

Through a mix of ancient and modern sciences, this body of self-knowledge helps you to uncover your soul and life purpose as well as how you show up energetically to fulfil it.

In a 60 - 90 min Foundational Human Design Reading over Zoom (recorded at request), we'll cover the following based on your natal chart information:

  • Your Type: Your energetic type and how to use it in your day to day life

  • Your Strategy & Authority: How you make the right decisions for your type, whether it's big life decisions or simple every day life choices you have to make

  • Your Profile: The landscape of your life - how you learn and interact with others

  • Your Centers: How you receive and exchange energy with others which creates conditioning. It also shows where your natural strengths are and how to best use it around others

I'm excited to learn more about your potential and purpose and who you are in the world!

14 25 May 2023 Horse manure / bunny poop as fertilizer

I have horse manure / bunny poop as a rich fertilizer for your garden

T50 or whatever you have to swop
15 24 May 2023 75 Litre Osprey Volt hiking / Travel backpack

Osprey Backpack  - used 7 days , in storage 3 years. My backpacking days never came back. 

16 24 May 2023 TV & Music Centre

TV (without remote) T250

Music Centre T150

250 & 150
Kuils River

Large office desk with yellowwood top.

Kuils River

Rosemary seeds grown permaculturally.
These seeds need colding in the freezer before planting.
Rosemary is known for heart health!
Talents or seed barter,
Thanks Catríona,

19 24 May 2023 Tui Na Massage

Tui Na Massage[Traditional Chinese Medicine]

Tui Na is effective in resolving old injuries, for preparation for sporting activities or for post sports recovery, it can simply facilitate health maintenance which is useful if your life is on the sedentary side!

Clients remain fully clothed[loose, comfortable clothing] and can choose the area you would like worked on/full body takes approx. 2 hours.


Full Body--> T400

 Half hour-->T120

Full Body-->T400, Half hour-->T120
20 24 May 2023 Avocado & Pillipilli Seedlings

Avocado & Pillipilli Seedlings, grown from seed, they are in the ground

Plants-Seeds- barter
21 24 May 2023 T'ai Chi Chuan

T'ai Chi Chuan

An internal martial art system, a way of gaining insight into where your body currently begins and ends.

For lessons contact Catriona Holden;

T90/a person per class♡
22 24 May 2023 FEVERFEW Seedlings

Hey TEers,
Our Feverfew seedlings(essentially a type of miniature Chrysantheum) are ready to go to good homes!
Permaculture grown, robust ,grows and self seeds . Great in marginal soil, sun or shade,

23 24 May 2023 Cape Gooseberry seedlings

Cape Gooseberry Seedlings->5 seedlings☆

Permaculture grown plants, chemical free, tasty fruit from marginal soil-

Great for anchoring soil when rehabilitating soil-

Provides shade for plants who are more vulnerable during a young phase[eg lemon trees ]

T80 for 5 Seedlings♡

24 23 May 2023 Bracelettes

Beaded bracelettes T 50 each.

T 50
25 22 May 2023 Online Skype Session

Looking for someone who can give you insight using a wide range of counselling tools?

Let's connect. Don't let distance stop you from transforming!

Western Cape