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# Date Offering Rate Area
1 28 Nov 2020 Organic Kale
Fresh organic kale picked according to your needs.
2 27 Nov 2020 Smudging Practice.
Clear your space. I help people energetically clear their house/ office space. Letting go of old and inviting the new. To create the highest vibration for best living and creative space.
Cape Town
3 27 Nov 2020 Energy Healing For Animals
I fascilitate energy healing on your pet through animal communication. Balance chakras and anchor loving & Healing Light for optimum vibration.
Cape Town
4 27 Nov 2020 Energy Healing
I fascilitate healing by guiding my clients on how to use their energies to heal their bodies. Aligning chakras, Chord cutting, guided meditation, grounding.
Cape Town
5 27 Nov 2020 Bed Set: Slatted Base and Mattress

Bed Set: Slatted base / frame + Mattress

Extra Width 160 cm, Extra Length 210 cm

Matress bought from the Bed Centre:
MERLOT Orthopaedic Firm - Truform bedding - Spring System - Insulator Pad etc. sells for 6-7000 Rand (different base) (

The Set is in very good condition

To be collected on the Southern Peninsula

6 27 Nov 2020 Musical Performance Exchange
Musical moments Repertoire of acoustic renditions
Parow Valley
7 27 Nov 2020 Conscious Acoustic Soul Music
Conscious analytical esoteric upliftment tunes for the new earth 2020 and beyond
Parow Valley
8 27 Nov 2020 Capoeira Classes
Beautiful Afrocentric Brazilian movement. A synergy of fight and dance to invigorate the body.
120 per hour
Parow Valley
9 27 Nov 2020 Healing
Reiki Sound healing
10 27 Nov 2020 Permaculture
Design, implementation and consulting
11 27 Nov 2020 Water Management
Irrigation and storage Purification Extraction and harvesting Ground water recharge Treatment of waste water and more
12 27 Nov 2020 Kundalini Yoga Individuals And Group Practice
I offer kundalini yoga guided kriyas for either individuals or group practice.
T250 pp/hr
Marina Da Gama
13 27 Nov 2020 Materials Engineering Consultant
I am a fully qualified metallurgical engineer with 18 years experience in steel, petrochemical, refinery and research environments. I offer consulting for a wide variety of technical areas.
T950 / hr
Marina Da Gama
14 27 Nov 2020 Video Content Editing
I am skilled in creating videos with audio that can be used for advertising, marketing, family memories, social media or any other need that you may have.
T650 / hr
Marina Da Gama
15 26 Nov 2020 Seedlings
Cape Gooseberry,soil anchorer,drought resistant,pioneer plant
1t /seedling
16 26 Nov 2020 Khaki Bos
Indigenous medicinal plant,
17 26 Nov 2020 Australian Cherry Tree Seedlings,
Grown from seed,great for bonsai-
18 26 Nov 2020 Business Development
Helping with you to develop your business ideas and plans.
300 per hour
19 26 Nov 2020 Organisational Development
Helping your organisation to shape its strategy, vision, mission and goals.
300 per hour
20 26 Nov 2020 Michael Orchard Architect & Energy Efficiency Modeller (buildings)
Green building design and SANS 10-400XA energy efficiency rational design for new buildings.
Ŧ350 / hour
21 26 Nov 2020 Second Hand Clothing
Good, used clothing.
From 50 talents upwards
22 26 Nov 2020 Macrame
I make handmade macrame jewellery & home decorations
100 - 1000+ (depending on the piece)
Hout Bay
23 26 Nov 2020 Child Care
I look after children of all ages, doing games and creative crafts with them to keep them entertained and explore their world
Hout Bay
24 26 Nov 2020 Dog & House Sitting/ Dog Walking
I do dog-sitting and house-sitting, as well as dog walking
60/hour or 175/night
Hout Bay
25 25 Nov 2020 Energy Healing work and intuitive massage

Are you feeling discombobulated or generally out of sorts, or do you just feel the need for some nurturing and healing?

I am offering Aura clearing and sealing, reiki and emotional energy release treatments as well as intuitive massage. The price depends on the length of time and energy spent on the treatment. Therefore displayed price is a guide. Women only.

26 25 Nov 2020 Pressure Point Massage (Reflexology) of the Feet

Pressure Point Massage treats the whole body through massage & finger and thumb walking the feet or in some cases the hands, as all body parts/systems are represented on the feet and hands.


Only a shortened version is done at Novalis Ubuntu or other markets this massage will be available for Men and Women.

*Talents only for talents only traders, but will be charging according to your offerings. Also do bartering if agreed upon by both parties.*

Cell: 0723882418

T150 or according to your offerings.
27 25 Nov 2020 Soul Singing Sessions

Intimate Soul Singing Sessions to spread and share love through music and connection.

These sessions are for those who sing to deepen the use of their voices and to practice healing and empowering themselves and others through song.

These sessions are also for newcomers to have a safe space to explore using their voice through humming and singing.

Ŧ100 to attend group singing circles, Ŧ300 per 30 minute one on one session
Sea Point
28 25 Nov 2020 Coaching (Life and Relationship)




Whether you are looking to transform your relationships or your life, you've come to the right place! I will partner with you to deepen and accelerate your growth, helping you achieve the life you want in a meaningful, sustainable way.

As a personal coach, I will help you to build the energy, skillset, mindset and habits you need to manage stress and achieve your goals. As a couple and family relationship coach, I will help you to communicate more effectively, to resolve conflict and to connect deeply in order to build strong, meaningful relationships.

I am an internationally certified coach who has had extensive training and experience in personal and professional coaching. I have an in-depth understanding of psychology and work best with clients looking to do deep inner work to fulfil their potential and live exciting, progressive lives filled with meaning and joy.

Ŧ650 per 30 minute session
Sea Point
29 25 Nov 2020 Coaching Workshops

I offer a wide range of coaching workshops on various topics including:

Self-Love and Self-Care: designed to explore and unpack what it means to love ourselves, best practice self-care tips and techniques, as well as how to design the lives we want.

Recharge: designed to empower audiences to maintain powerful, productive states, high energy levels and build their capacity and resilience to self-motivate and thrive through challenging times.

Connect: designed to help individuals, couples and families to build, maintain and strengthen high quality relationships in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

Conscious Consumption: designed to explore how what we eat and think determines our quality of life, and how by making different choices we can find joy, healing and connection, as well as overcome some of the key challenges of our time.

Ŧ100 per workshop
Sea Point
30 25 Nov 2020 Reiki Healing
Reiki is a form of alternative therapy referred to as energy healing. It involves the transfer of energy by laying on hands.
Ŧ600/90 mins
Hout Bay
31 25 Nov 2020 Oracle Card Reading
Oracle cards readings offer guidance, clarity, and a new perspective, pointing you toward something you are seeking answers about.
Ŧ100/1 question
Hout Bay
32 25 Nov 2020 Space Clearing
It is not always easy to overcome blockages or to feel aligned, especially if negative energy has not been cleared from some rooms.
Ŧ600/90 mins
Hout Bay
33 25 Nov 2020 Urban Agriculture And Organic Gardening For Beginners
I offer workshops in the fundamentals and practicalities of high-yield, low-resource organic gardening, including soil amendment, companion planting, seed saving, making natural pesticides and creating recycled container planters. Great for new veggie gardeners and those working in small spaces.
350/hr or contact me
Cape Town
34 25 Nov 2020 Vocal And Songwriting Workshops
Find your voice 🙂 singing is a physical joy and a skill that everyone has, undercover. Learn the basics of how singing works in the body, plus discover the basic mechanics of harmonies and chords, song structure, lyrics writing, and losing the fear in singing.
400/hr for individual or contact me
Cape Town
35 25 Nov 2020 Homemade Seeds-and-spice Granola
My partner calls it 'crack'. Need I say more?
80ish/500g. Negotiable
Cape Town
36 25 Nov 2020 Laughter Therapy-Phone sessions

Every Laughter on Call package starts with a get acquainted call to determine your goals, set up the structure & laugh. Then we determine the best Laughter On Call for you. Each call starts with smile push-ups to warm up & then we continue with specialized laughter exercises just for you. You hang up the phone feeling more alive with contagious energy & something fun to share throughout your day. You'll have boosted your immune system without even trying! Laughter On Call Packages: First call of all packages includes an orientation & assessment & is 25 minutes. All additional calls are 15 minutes. 1 call T150.00 Package of 5 T600.00 Package of 10 T1000.00 Get Well Gift Packages RName Your Own Price Laughter On’s a lot cheaper than a doctor visit or a therapy appointment...

Hout Bay

Once a week or as often as you feel, I will get you to have 10 to 15 minuters belly gym laughter for health and wellbeing.

You will feel lighter, joyful, mentally clean and clear. Fight stress and other depressing issues.

Minimum 7 sessions

150 per session
Hout Bay
38 24 Nov 2020 Sorghum seedlings

Sweet sorghum seedlings (Ames Amber) in development stage 1. Outstanding sorghum variety used for the production of syrup. Produces a beautiful clear amber syrup from the stem in large quantities, this can be boiled down and utilised as a sugar / syrup substitute in many different ways. Developed in Iowa USA in the early 1900’s this is truly an outstanding sorghum variety. (Description from Livingseeds)

5 per seedling
Ocean View
39 24 Nov 2020 Online yoga this festive season

Stay calm, centered and healthy as we move towards the end of 2020...


Enjoy nourishing whole-body movement from wherever you are – yes, even over the summer holidays!

  • Saturday 9:00

  • Monday & Wednesday 17:30


    Message me here or via WhatsApp (073 963 4663

Meet Renata:

I'm a writer/editor and yoga teacher with a special interest in mind-body-nature connection. I prioritise mobility and strength over "flexibility". I encourage you to be yourself, follow your curiosity, and find the right approach for your body. My teaching is inspired by Yoga Synergy: created by two physiotherapists, this unique style of yoga applies traditional yoga to the modern body. I love Yoga Synergy’s ethos to “do yoga responsively, in harmony with how you feel from day to day, moment to moment”.

40 24 Nov 2020 Online Makeup Lessons
I am a professional makeup and hair stylist for film and tv, commercials and stills advertising campaigns. I am able to work with you online to help you establish the best makeup kit for your needs, and teach you some tricks and techniques that make your makeup routine no fuss, next level stuff. I am able to connect with you on whatsapp or zoom for an hour long session. So bring yourself, a cuppa and your makeup bag and let's have some fun. Follow up advice on what to buy and where to buy it will be forwarded to your contact number.
41 24 Nov 2020 Online Wardrobe Styling
Ever wonder how you can make your wardrobe work for you? With a fresh perspective I can help you see a new way of wearing your old favourites. And I can offer advice on what elements may be missing from your wardrobe, and which ones to wave farewell to. Keen to spend an hour with me going through your closet? I am able to connect with you on whatsapp, zoom or telegram for an hour long video call styling session. Follow up advice on what to buy and where to buy it will be forwarded to your contact number.
42 24 Nov 2020 Pre-loved Clothing
My styling background makes me a bit of a collector. And I often collect items that I think someone else might enjoy, which means I am prone to clear outs reasonably often. Everything is different, and everything is negotiable.
43 24 Nov 2020 Facilitation And Process Design
I design participatory engagement and leadership gatherings for groups, to bring out the collective intelligence of the group, and create spaces of intentional dialogue, deep listening and co-creation, in a safe and authentic space.
Contact me
44 24 Nov 2020 Yoga Classes
I offer one-on-one Yoga classes of many different styles, based on the Hatha tradition but with elements of Sivananda, Vinyasa, Yin and my own flows.
Ŧ250 / hr
45 24 Nov 2020 Ayurvedic Guidance
I offer guidance on how to understand your Ayurvedic type and what that entails insofar as dos and donts.
Ŧ250 / consultation
46 24 Nov 2020 Intuitive Coaching
I offer intuitive coaching sessions to help you access your own wisdom and soul knowing.
T500/ 90 minutes
47 24 Nov 2020 Ladies Genuine Leather Shoes
Size 6 4
48 24 Nov 2020 Professional Photographer

Property Photographer for online marketing of your property. For a standard 2-3 bedroom house it takes about an hour.

Cape Town
49 24 Nov 2020 Seed swap

I have Milkthistle, basil, coriander, marigolds, rocket, lettuce to swap for any other seeds.

Cape Town
50 23 Nov 2020 25l plastic containers

2 x 25l plastic containers

25 each
51 23 Nov 2020 Concrete Roof tiles

Offering about 80 used concrete roof tiles 

Removed with renovations done to our house. All in good used condition (There are more slightly broken cracked tiles)

Collection in Lakeside

Cape Town
52 23 Nov 2020 Tarot Readings

Tarot is a tool that helps you to connect and understand the energies that are available at the present moment, and the possible outcomes of it. 

The symbolic language of the cards can unravel things in a powerful way that sometimes the rational mind can't.

I have always been interested in oracles, and I did a Tarot course at Metavarsity in 2018 to go deeper in my understanding of it.

Please contact me if you would like a reading.

200 - 1 hour / 100 - half an hour
53 22 Nov 2020 Graphic Design

I do illustration in 24 styles as well as graphic design for a wide range of applications. Visit (which is under construction but accessible) for more details and samples of my work.

800 ph
54 22 Nov 2020 Tarot Readings

I offer Tarot readings using two different layouts to get the 'whole picture'.

55 22 Nov 2020 Caricature & Cartooning

Im offering cartooning and caricatures, of yourself, loved ones furry or 2 legged, business or office team profiles, or anything you desire.

I supply it digitally at high resolution, suitable to either be printed out on card, textile Tshirts, photos paper for framing or even, simply for digital to be used on the web or for promotion, or what ever. Prices depend on the detail and size etc, comes down to time.

T300 -T900
56 22 Nov 2020 Cleaning
Cleaning up camp and taking care of recycling
57 22 Nov 2020 Tarot Card Readings
Tarot card readings at the market
T50 per reading
58 22 Nov 2020 Intuitive Painting
Blindfolded painting class
59 22 Nov 2020 Lemonade Syrup
Homemade Lemonade syrup made with our own organic lemons.
60 22 Nov 2020 Pesto
Delicious homemade pesto's. All made with organic leafy greens, organic almonds, olive oil, parmesan and more.
61 22 Nov 2020 Books, Books And More Books
Various adult books (not porn!!) Children's books (now you get it) Cookery books Will be available at this year's Learning Clan
62 22 Nov 2020 Drawing, illustration & cartooning tuition - private 1 on 1 at your home

Due to COVID I'm currently no longer giving group classes.

However I am now offering personal private 1 on 1 tuition in the field of illustration, drawing and cartoon. I happy to come to your home within the Cape Town CBD, Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs area. Unless you have a more suitable location ideal for the lesson to offer, then I'm open to it. Ideally you should have your own art supplies. However I will have some basic stationery if need.

Im offering lessons for 50/50 talents/rands per hour, suggested lessons be at least 1 hour, but recommend 2 to 3 hours if your time allows ... if distance is extra far then a small fee for petrol MAY be requested.

Drawing: Technically drawing is the basis of it all. If you have zero or little drawing experience, then it might be a good idea to start with an intro to drawing. Pleas not, just like any skill, it takes time to learn and depends on the individual and how much time one puts into it. It's a never ending learning and improving process, but very satisfying and enjoyable.

Illustration: Illustration is taking from drawing skills and development artworks suitable for children's books, graphic design, film and animation etc. ... ideally drawing knowledge and some skills at least is best to explore illustration, however at end of the day, if it's just an introduction and some knowledge or just for that you'd like to experience, then 100% it's all up to you.

Childrens books are very satisfying to illustrate and I have over 2 decades experience. I'll be happy to share my experience and guide you the best I can. One needs to find your own style and that again takes time, but I can guide you and also give you an introduction which includes requirements and information that is normally required for creating children's books.

Cartooning: Similar as explained in illustration above, however cartooning can be less formal and just about anything goes. But yes, it also takes time like everything else to master and to find your own style.


  • pencil & paper
  • pen/ink & paper
  • water color on watercolor paper
  • digital experience using an iPad Pro and art software (no materials required)

T100/R100 per hour
63 22 Nov 2020 Art & illustration Services

I'm an illustrator/artist with over 2 decades experience in children's books, commercial and concept art and cartooning.

Happy to help anyone with info graphics, story boards, illustration content, backgrounds/backdrops, murals, fine art decor ..., work in both traditional painting and digital illustration.

Depending where you located, a smaller travel fee MAY occur. Otherwise via email is often suitable for briefing and delivery if digital.

T200 R200 per hour
64 22 Nov 2020 Natural herbal hairdye

Lovemyhair vegan hair colour

65 22 Nov 2020 Pet paintings illustrations

I do paintings of your beloved furries.

Prices differ based on the medium, size, detail etc ... so would have to be discussed.

Cost is 50/50 talents/rands plus costs of any materials unless supplied.

I would first do a rough, once approved, then will take to finals.

Various mediums offered:

  • Oils (most expensive normally)
  • Acrylics
  • watercolour
  • pencil
  • digital

Surfaces to choose from:

  • canvas stretched
  • canvas loose (can stretch yourself if so pleased)
  • canvas paper
  • watercolour paper (for water Colour paintings or acrylic)
  • paper (for pencil drawing)


50/50 = (T300/R300 < T2000/R2000)
66 22 Nov 2020 Photographer | Video Maker | Video Editor / Post-Production

Hi there! I'm Anouk and a Dutch passionate photographer and filmmaker. Since I started with both in 2015, I got quite some experience by now. I like to refer you to my website:

I like to help you to capture the best of what you like to have imaged, in a creative and inspiring way. Please get in touch about inquiries.

Photography & Video
- Houses & Rooms- up for sale or to rent out?
- Personal Branding
- Lodges & Guesthouses
- and so on!

I'm editing self-filmed videos as well as videos that are already made.

Note: Will the work be less than 2 hours, then I will charge R150 traveling time and fee.

500 per hour
Lake Side
67 21 Nov 2020 Dawns Human Design Academy

ONLINE self paced academy to get the answers to these questions

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What are my gifts?
  • What are my challenges?
  • Who am I attracting into my life?

My online #HumanDesignAcademy will unpack the details of how to read the charts of yourself and your nearest and dearest in a simple step-by-step process.

T2442 for access to the online academy:

  • a private FB group
  • a mix of pdfs, videos and access to me for questions

Register here:
(please give me your CES account number when you register)

Bonus: Monthly group calls for 2020 with the theme being on a different planet each month.

Marina da Gama
68 21 Nov 2020 Healing soul journey with Aa'Ra & Galactic council of 5 - facilitated by Sonette

I offer a healing journey. Depending on my guidance it can be anything between 30 minutes or 2 hours.

Some recent references:

I had a truly profound session with Sonette.....i have never received a channeled message before, nor desired one as the skeptic in me did not allow.

Over time I got to know Sonette as a person, she is open an authentic in her beliefs, always vibrating a positive and loving energy, I know and trust that she is fully in her integrity as a servant to spirit for the healing of our world. So, when the opportunity emerged for a session with her, it truly felt like divine guidance.....I said YES, without hesitation and am so so grateful for the wisdom, healing and connection I received from my star family interpreted through her as the channel. The messages resonated in my body as truth, at times emotional, absolutely awe inspiring and on point. The biggest affirmation I received was to know and confirm my soul purpose for my incarnation on earth. Thank you so so much " Barbara Cowley

“My first (and hopefully not the only) journey with Sonette is still sitting with me, it made a big impression. I have had many experiences with different healers and channelers and I was thoroughly satisfied with our session. I only wish I had recorded it! The messages were so resonant and landed deeply. Some reinforced messages I've been receiving from my Guides directly and through other channels, and some new that are starting to make sense as time goes. I immediately felt safe and comfortable in her Presence, even though it was the first time we'd met (in this life, at least). It was a deep and intimate experience for me, and I would recommend for anyone who feels called and is yearning for some loving Guidance. We also had a couple of good laughs during the session which I appreciate because laughter is medicine and I always feel more at ease around someone with a healthy sense of humour. I feel blessed and grateful to have crossed paths with Sonette and it is my wish that more humans will benefit from her Soul Service.” - Tara Gaelle

69 20 Nov 2020 Korean tea cup

Lovely tea cup for loose leaf tea, hand made in South Korea and used once only. The little saucer doubles up as a cover to keep the tea warm.

Welcome Glen
70 20 Nov 2020 Milk jug

Antique milk jug made by Carl Anhauser, Dresden.

Welcome Glen
71 20 Nov 2020 Rosenthal tea cup

Delicate genuine Rosenthal tea cup and saucer. No chips or other blemishes.

Welcome Glen
72 20 Nov 2020 Succulent in pot

Lithops planted in what used to be a Korean tea cup. Saucer cracked, but has been repaired.

Welcome Glen
73 20 Nov 2020 Soma Connect
Brain-Body conditioning. Somatic skills and support groups.
Hout Bay
74 19 Nov 2020 Process Somatic work using Occupational Therapy and creative modalities

Struggling with physical issues mixed with sleep issues, anxiety, memory or recall issues

087 0010 755/083 357 5292 Shona

Registered Occupational Therapist, 25 years in private practice

Marina da |Gama
75 19 Nov 2020 Occupational Therapy for Children

Occupational Therapy for children 4-18 years with scholastic, emotional and behavioural issues.

Rate is for 45 minutes

Marina da |Gama
76 19 Nov 2020 Adult Creative Support

A suuport group for adults with the understanding that art and creativity heals

Activities include: Process Art, Mindfulness, Sharing and CBT exercises

Sessions are facilitated by a registered occupational therapist, with years of experience in promoting wellness.

Costs of sessions can be claimed from medical aids.

Join us weekly on Mondays in Fishhoek 13:30 - 14:30.

Contact Shona on 083 357 5292 or

Rate is for 1 hour on Zoom

Marina da |Gama
77 19 Nov 2020 Alexander Technique ONLINE

The Alexander Technique - Freedom to Change

Online Sessions

The Alexander Technique is a re-education method that helps us to identify and prevent harmful postural habits that often cause pain.

You will learn how to release unwanted tensions in order to reduce fatigue and pain, and also improve co-ordination and confidence in your daily live.

* Helps you feel lighter, stronger and more grounded.

* Improves breathing and body awarness.

* Expands alertness

* Reduces anxiety.

* Enlivens body and mind.

Change takes time, so it is recommended to start with a course of 10 sessions. From there you can decide whether you have learned enough or want to continue the journey.

Andrzej Wall

Certified Teacher Of Alexander Technique

Hout Bay

Tel.021 790 4375

For more information, see

T200 negotiable
Hout Bay
78 19 Nov 2020 Alexander Technique

LEARN Alexander Technique, ONLINE SESSIONS

Athletics Weekly : Alleviating anxiety with the Alexander Technique

How to move with poise and alertness.

How to sit in front of a computer without unnecessary strain and overtension.

"The use of the body in proper poise ensures the least friction and consequently the greatest amount of energy available for what may be required of the individual. " Raymond Dart, Anthropologist

"We teach people to become aware of the unnecessary strain and overtension they make in everything they do, so that they need not continue to misuse themselves in this way." Marjory Barlow, Alexander Technique Teacher

Source: SASTAT ,

Learn how to un-do the habits that create physical tension and stress.

The Alexander Technique is a gentle , non-invasive approach to restoring the body's natural equilibrrum so improving breathing, releasing muscle tension and easing pain. It is more than a therapy, it is a re-learning of how to use your body wisely and well.

You will learn from the comfort of your home the principles of the Alexander Technique and how to apply them in every day life. l

As changing habits takes time, it's recommended to start with a course of 10 sessions (one or two sessions per week).

Andrzej Wall

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher

Member of SASTAT


Hout Bay
79 19 Nov 2020 CES TUITION

HELP new users to use the system

50 per hr
Fish Hoek
80 19 Nov 2020 MATHS TUITION

All grades by teacher with a lifetimes exprience

100 per hour
Fish Hoek
81 19 Nov 2020 Self Defence Classes
We hold self defence classes on a weekly basis
Diep River
82 19 Nov 2020 Massage
I have done a course in Swiss Massage. I can offer this form of healing along with tinctures oils for different intentions: energy, calming, healing, love, peace and restoration. Coconut oil based infused with different essential oils for different intentions
Contact me
83 19 Nov 2020 Occupational Therapy Insight
I am a student of occupational therapy and I have much insight and passion into this form of therapy - along with alternative perspectives and insights into other forms of healing. As I am ot yet qualified this will just discursive and conversational, not professional insight - yet.
No rate
84 19 Nov 2020 Graphic Design

I am a graphic designer in training and would love the opportunity to use my new skills to create logos, branding, marketing materials, graphics and anything else you may want for you or your business. I am flexible and keen to accomodate your needs.

200 talents/hour
85 19 Nov 2020 Seeds

A variety of seeds : Sunflower, Cancer bush, Feverfew, Flax, California poppies 

Ocean View