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# Date Offering Rate Area
1 16 Feb 2019 Mazula - Music Duo

Live music for All Occasions: We perform all over the country with a mixture of original and cover music. We read the crowds and play from an extensive repertoire of songs. We have our own PA equipment and provide top entertainment for the whole family. We need to travel and so we always quote in Rands to cover our travel, plus food & drink must be provided and then we can offer our music for talents, quotes depend on the place of the venue and details of the required performance.

2 16 Feb 2019 Massage and Hemp Oil


3 16 Feb 2019 Astrology Charts

An astrology chart will tell you more about yourself and/or another person than any other tool out there! It is as accurate as it is comprehensive. The chart includes a 15-20 page report for you to download, plus a personal consultation with me via Skype or in person whichever is most convenient. You will need the date, time and place of birth of the person whose chart you want done. I specialise in doing Life Purpose charts which focus on what your soul has chosen for you to work on in this lifetime. For more info about what I offer, look here:

4 15 Feb 2019 Care offered for elderly, frail and physically challenged


My name is Aimee and I have 4 years of medical experience as an emergency medical technician on the road. 

I am offering my skills to care for you.

I have a valid drivers license and my own transport and I can drive any vehicle on the road.

I can shop, do errands, assist in administraive duties and administer prescribed medication. I can cook vegan food and assist in feeding.

I can assist in moving you, whether it is in and out of bed, adjusting body positions, in and out of a wheel chair and going to the lavatory or bathing/showering.

I can dress you and change nappies if needed. 

I can monitor vital signs like checking strenghth and rate of heart beat, taking blood pressure readings, checking blood sugar levels, listening to lung sounds, checking body temperature and respiratory rates.

I am no longer registered with the Health Profession Council as the annual fee is expensive and I have started my own business in retail.

I do have experience in putting up drips, adminstering oxygen and asthmah medication in nebulizers, CPR, injured and ill patient transportation and handing over to medical staff. My skills are all that is included in intermediate life support scope.

I am patient, kind, understanding and helpful and I enjoy caring for others

600 for a 6 hour shift
5 14 Feb 2019 Massage Table

Old massage table for sale with headrest

6 14 Feb 2019 Vegan Protein Powder

Clean Vegan Pea protein powder - 1 kg or 33 serves.  Bought December 2018, used a few times.  Bottle still full.  Add to smoothies for a protein boost after training or to increase your protein consumption.  Contains Yellow Pea Protein (Pisum sativum)

7 13 Feb 2019 Kinesiology Balance
Kinesiology balance to correct various imbalances that may relate to stress,nutrition,learning problems,minor injuries in day to day life.
Sea Point
8 13 Feb 2019 Rhythmic Movement
Integration program based on movements and other activities to establish,strengthen or retrain the foundations of posture,central nervous system maturity,vestibular function,sensory processing,memory,learning,emotions and behaviour.
T250 per hour
Sea Point
9 13 Feb 2019 Brain Gym
Enhance the quality of attention and concentration,relationship and communication,memory and organizational skills,athletic perfomance and more
T250 per hour
Sea Point
10 13 Feb 2019 Monthly Yoga Membership (unlimited classes)

Yoga classes run by four certified teachers specializing in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha Style Yoga.


Samauri Bergvliet Dojo (above the Spar)

Harry Gorman Center 151 Main Road


Monday & Wednesday: 19:00- 20:00

Saturday: 07:15 - 08:15

Sunday: 09:00 - 10:00

Rands also accepted.

Ŧ350 per month or T60 per class
11 13 Feb 2019 Accommodation in Muizenberg
Namaste I live a few minutes away from the beautiful surfers corner and Im offering accommodation (a room with ensuit toilet) for a single person or couple. You more than welcome to use all the house facilitities and appliances or even have a Vegan braai and picnic in the garden. 250T per person sharing 350 talents per single person love and light Chad
12 13 Feb 2019 Large wooden frame

Large wooden frame, black, used to be mirror. 1376mm high, 630mm wide, 22mm thick. A bit scuffed here & there (a coat of paint would do wonders) but very solid & sturdily built. Could make a great mood- or pin board ! Collect from Observatory.

13 13 Feb 2019 Cookbooks

5 for T50

Collect from Observatory

14 13 Feb 2019 Camping CADAC Power Gas Lamp

Camping CADAC Power Gas Lamp -> 300 Candle Power

Push Button Piezo Ingnition, Rust proof, Stainless steel burner stem, Enamelled top, 300cp

Very good condition

New Cost in the shop R 399 for T 290

To be collected - deliveries only on the Southern Peninsula for T 150

15 13 Feb 2019 Two CampMaster Camping Chairs + Canister

Two CampMaster Camping Chairs + Canister

(all used and in good condition, but the one chair which was used by a heavyweight for a short time, but works still well for a lightweight :))

The lot for T 200

16 13 Feb 2019 Thule Towbar Bike Carrier for3 Bikes

Strong coupling that needs no pre-adjustment for mounting

Bikes are secured to the bike rack with soft rubber straps

Folds flat for easy storage and handling

Locks the bike rack to the towbar

No further accessories needed

Excellent condition

Trades for R 2199.00 (, "Thule 3 Bike Hang On No Tilt"

17 13 Feb 2019 Therapeutic Reflexology 1hour
Therapy stimulating reflexes on the feet, hands, and ears. Working with the 10 body zones and meridian lines. You received feedback on health and alignment status.
18 13 Feb 2019 Manual Lymph Drainage (mld) 1hour
Manually draining the lymphatic system with soft rhythmical movement applied with hands working on the whole body. Works best for draining sinus, digestive toxins, and edema. NB lymphatic cancer is a contra-indication
19 13 Feb 2019 Indigo Scio Biofeedback
Quantum biofeedback therapy via an EMF program.
20 13 Feb 2019 House sitting and pet care


I live in Plumstead and am available to look after your loved ones while you go on holiday. Relax and know that your home, garden and furry friends will be loved and looked after like they are my own. Talents and rands for petrol only

300 p/d
Only for petrol
21 13 Feb 2019 Baby sitting

I am a mother and would love to assist you with your child - so that you can have some free time to yourself. Evenings and weekends are ideal (I work during the weeek)

22 13 Feb 2019 Business assistance

I am able to assist you with all aspects of your business. Documentation, processes, sorting out and installing systems that you can manage on your own once I am gone........sustainable business planning and streamlining

300 per day
23 13 Feb 2019 Psilocybin capsules

One months supply of micro dose psilocybin capsules. You take one capsule every second day and have two day break during one week. Helps alleviate pain, anxiety and depression.

I have had wonderful feedback from people who are feeling less emotional and are coping better with everyday stresses.

Non-capsulated version also available - contact me for info.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have recommended that psilocybin, the active compound in hallucinogenic mushrooms, be reclassified for medical use, potentially paving the way for the psychedelic drug to one day treat depression and anxiety and help people stop smoking

R300 + T300
24 11 Feb 2019 Steel Work And General Maintenance
I am a mechanical draughtsman, I manufacture container homes, trailers, and a variety of steel products. We also do general maintenance.
T200 - T250 per hour
Pelican Heights
25 11 Feb 2019 Handpoked Tattoos

I offer ceremonially handpoked tattoos in the comfort of your own home - Made with love <3

26 11 Feb 2019 Back to school: white long-sleeved school shirts

2 X Woolies white school shirts, excellent condition, for age 13-14. Please collect in Noordhoek. Not for resale for cash.

T100 each
27 11 Feb 2019 Valentine's Day SILENT DISCO

Whether you’re planning a romantic night or are flying solo, come celebrate the day of love with sexy beats, sandy grooves and a sultry sunset at our Silent Disco on Clifton 3rd Beach.


We’re honoured and excited to be featuring the superstar DJ Nick Matthews in full sight playing for one night only as “LUVisible” 😉


Also bringing the beats to this Valentine’s Day is DJ SuperSuz -it's not just

'Lover's Mirth Day', it's also Anja's birthday.


DJ Lurve - from waltz to schmaltz with songs to

make ladies swoon and gents croon.


So on your sexy silent night

No need to fuss nor fight

From dirty dancing

To sweet romancing

Whatever your heart’s delight



Date: Thursday, 14 February 2019

Where: Clifton 3rd Beach

Time: 5-8pm

Cost: 100/adults; 50/kids under on the beach

120 adults; 60 kids
Hout Bay
28 11 Feb 2019 Bowled Over eco friendly bowl covers

Bowled Over is a range of fully washable eco-friendly bowl/dish covers, made only from locally produced or upcycled textiles in natural fibres. They're an excellent replacement for cling wrap, one of the least recyclable plastics.

  • We only use natural fibres, chiefly 100% cotton sourced from East London manufacturers. Three Cats shweshwe is one of our favourites and there is a wide variety of designs and colours to choose from, whether they are the traditional indigo, brown or red designs, or the vibrant new colourways: purple, pink, turquoise, etc. We also love using old-school mattress ticking, in cream/black or cream/navy blue.
  • We also upcycle vintage table linens and these are also all natural fibres. They include embroidered Madeira cotton, vintage Irish linen in neutral colours, and textured white table napkins.

Bowled Over dish covers come in four sizes, which fit a wide range of dishes:

  • Xtra Small - these are ideal for covering opened tins that may not all be used in one day, such as dog food. They're also great for ramekins, bowls of dips, or small bowls of leftovers.
  • Small - these fit bowls with a diameter up to 18 cm, and are great for most cereal/pudding bowls.
  • Medium - designed for mixing bowls, smaller salad dishes or quiche pans, these can fit dishes from 18 to 22 cm.
  • Large - for large salad dishes or mixing bowls, or even fruit bowls (great for keeping miggies away). 22 to 27 cm.

Basic prices for sets of four are listed below. Prices for individual bowl covers are available on request.

  • A. REVERSIBLE, double layer of Three Cats shweshwe. Set of four (xs, s, m, l): R50/T160
  • B. REVERSIBLE, single layer of Three Cats shweshwe printed both sides. Set of four (xs, s, m, l): R40/T120
  • C. SINGLE SIDED Three Cats shweshwe, old-school mattress ticking in blue/cream or black/cream, and others. Set of four (xs, s, m, l): R40/T120
  • D. VINTAGE. The number of covers in a set, their sizes and the price depends on the fabric e.g. embroidered Madeira cotton, vintage Irish linen, vintage damask table linen, etc.

Colours and fabrics change often so please contact us to see pics of what we have in stock.

To view in Cape Town, message Andy 082 725 8801 Southern Suburbs.

Mixed various
29 11 Feb 2019 Massage

I do full body, deep-tissue massage R250/HOUR

30 11 Feb 2019 Editor, proofreader and typesetter

I am a full member of the Professional Editor's Guild and offer editing, proofreading and typesetting services. For small jobs (under ten pages) I would ask only talents. For longer jobs I would ask half talents half rands. I have many years experience in educational, fiction and academic publishing.

For this offering I will offer proofreading at T20 per page for up to ten pages.

T20 or half talents half rands
31 11 Feb 2019 Organize & grow your business with intuitive guidance

Need help to thrive (not just survive) while growing your business with impact and income?

I'm an Intuitive Business & Wealth Strategist coaching business owners on how to profit from their passion. We focus on clarity and direction for your business as well as how to get aligned ease and flow (read productivity + time management). I also help you get focused and organized so that your business can reach its highest potential.

I run two businesses, and online global coaching business and offline professional consulting business, so I know what it takes to balance it all while growing your bottom line. Taking my sixteen years of corporate experience structuring and planning in the finance industry, combined with my background in psychology and neuroscience, I infuse a holistic form of coaching and consulting to help business owners get results with ease and flow.

Book a Business Mapping and Channelling Session to get intuitive guidance on what your best next steps should be to build and grow your business successfully.

T950 per hour
32 11 Feb 2019 Smoked V-salmon Pieces

Vegan, and perfect for people allergic to fish. I have smoked V-Salmon pieces available

Ŧ95 - 150
33 11 Feb 2019 Guerilla Community Land

We are a community of people living in Cape Town with a vision to collectively buy a large piece of land. We plan to live on the land using permaculture principles and design. 

This is a space to live regernaratively and self sustainably. It will be off grid. All food will be grown on the premises. Growing, eating and preparing food will be communal. Each will have a small space to build living quarters with a boundary to grow personal plants.

The farm land is communal. 

We are currently discussing day to day living and systems so that we can draft a constitution.

We have 48 participants but 20 active parcticipants. Our next meeting is 27 January at 10am in Kuerboom Park, Rondebosh.

With many people and many skills, buying into this community will be affordable.

Free until buy-in
34 11 Feb 2019 B12 and B Complex Injections

I can give B12 and B Complex or a combination of both injections especially for vegans and older humans.

I have 4 years medical experience working on the road as a medic and have given plenty injections at clinics and for friendly neighbours and friends. I am no longer registered with the HPCSA though as it costs about R1000 and I now run my own eco friendly business.

I am offering for T50 or swap for old bricks, rare seeds, indigenous to the Cape saplings or seeds, and general handy work.

35 11 Feb 2019 Blue Reflective Jumpsuits

I have three plain blue reflective jumpsuits. They have never been worn and are good quality - Bought from Tesco. I bought them when I was still a paramedic but have since started my own business.

They fit a medium female or even a medium male. 

36 11 Feb 2019 Vegan, Vegetarian & Wheat Free

Ready Meals:



Curries( Indian or Thai)

Stir Fry

Excellent Vegan Burgers

Beautiful Vegetarian Quiches


AVERAGE MEALS ARE IN 350g Serving Size and are around T30/R30

Please contact me for pricing information.

Subject to quote half rands half talents
37 10 Feb 2019 Deeply nurturing massage

I offer incredibly relaxing, highly intuitive deeply nurturing massages. Based on therapeutic massage, I developed my own style over the last 20 years. I have experience working with both adults and children. Based in Plumstead.

38 10 Feb 2019 Oasis water container 25 litre

Oasis water container with tap 25 litre

T60 +R60
Southern Suburbs
39 10 Feb 2019 Talent Market 16 February 2019

Talent Market on Saturday, 16 February 2019 at Claremont Congregational Church Hall, Main Road.

Please book your stalls asap by contacting Vilma: or sms to 061 527 7892 or phone 021 761 1905.

T50 + R50
40 10 Feb 2019 Build Social Enterprises
I help social entrepreneurs to ibuild social enterprises. I assist social entrepreneurs to identify niche social disruptions [like building a village in a remote place] to large scale social disruptions [like re-imagining education.] I offer tools, workshops and boot camps for social entrepreneurs to develop the occupational intelligences they need, the tool-kits and communications platforms they need and most importantly - the VOLITION and partnerships they need to change the world.
T 250 + r 250 per workshop
41 10 Feb 2019 Business Coach And Mentor
Have you ever been told that you're a dreamer, your ideas won't work or there is no need for your services? I can help you turn dreams into actual systems and ideas into reality. I help entrepreneurs to use the problem to solve the problem.
T 450 + r 250 per hour.
42 10 Feb 2019 Homeschool Coach For Whole & Loved Families
I provide a highly eveloved approach to empowering children to learn, I assist with the integration of their fight / flight response for deeper resilience and to build volition and love of learning. I don't do curriculum - that's for Mum to do! I build leadership skills, internalise children's locus of control and train up change-makers and visionaries and I help their Mom's to take all of the brakes off of their learning journey together xxx
T 350 per hour.
43 10 Feb 2019 Hawaiian LOMI Massage - 75 min - Camps Bay - only for women - WhatsApp 076-8987401

Traditional Hawaiian Massage, deeply nurturing style of massage characterized by fast flowing movement to restore energy and soothe the body. Done with the forearms and using coconut oil to special music

Whats App me on 076 898 7401

200 Talents + 150 Rands
Camps Bay
44 10 Feb 2019 German lesson

I offer 1 hour conversation in german language or any help regarding german grammar or in german homework / essay

100 Talents
50 Rand
Camps Bay
45 9 Feb 2019 Private Pilates sessions one on one

Callanetics / Barre / Pilates. By appointment

T250 per session from my home, T300 + R50 if I travel to yours (southern suburbs or peninsula only). All Equipment provided (swiss balls, therabands, mats etc)

46 8 Feb 2019 Custom Made Jewellry
20 years experience as a jeweller with a love for making individualized pieces. Contact for a catalogue of work.
As per item: r for materials, t for labour
47 8 Feb 2019 Herbs

various herbal products, usually with rand component to cover cost of materials (exceptions can be made)

Depends on what is needed and availible
48 8 Feb 2019 Food

I make food and sometimes people enjoy eating it, not always the healthiest option or suitable for vegetarians or people with religious or health related dietary requirements