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# Date Offering Rate Area
1 26 May 2022 Fire Staffing Lessons
I can teach you the basics and some tricks!
2 25 May 2022 Sage Pastel Partner Online Support
Sage Pastel Partner Online Support
850 / hour
3 24 May 2022 Eyebrow lamination and Tinting

Eyebrow lamination and tinting T 150 and R150

Southern suburbs, Cape town
4 24 May 2022 Gel Polish T150 + R120

Gel Polish @ T 150 + R120

Southern suburbs, Cape town
5 24 May 2022 Eyelash lift and Tinting

Eylash lift T 150 and R150 plus tinting T20 and R 20 each




Ladies only!

Southern suburbs, Cape town
6 24 May 2022 Facial with Dermaplaning T350 and R250

Basic Facial with Dermaplaning

Southern suburbs, Cape town
7 24 May 2022 Renew, Refresh and Reactivate Your Life!

Would you like to refresh and reactivate your life?

I'll be holding your hand as you throw out the stuff that doesn't work and polishing up your strengths so you can feel you're in the driver's seat of your life again.

This process can include (there are no limits, of course!):

Meal plans for your week: bursting with nutrition and deliciousness to suit your needs!

Daily to do/chore/action plan: all the boxes need to be ticked, and still have fun getting things done.

Self-care plan: if you are productive and healthy, imagine the possibilities! Make you important everyday.

Money care plan: knowing how your money productively moves is liberating and peace-making.

Initial session: 2 hours. In one day, you can create a beautiful life!

Follow up polishing sessions: 1 hour (if needed)

Contact me liesl@yourbestlifeinbalance

Some feedback:

I just wanted to express my sincere Gratitude for the time we spent unpacking how my week unfolds. I am completely astounded, as to the diverse nature of my week. I now have a clear understanding of why I could never review it in its entirety as it was just too overwhelming. Thank you for helping me to dig deeper so that I can understand the meaning behind all my various responses. It has really helped me shape my intentions and brought some joy back to what was becoming increasingly lost. I am looking very much forward to our next meeting.'K

For Free guided meditations and worksheets visit

For some motivation and encouragement visit my Instagram: @yourbestlifeinbalance

To see some of my skills visit:

8 24 May 2022 Study and project planning

I will take you step by step through the process of successfully planning how to get through your studies or completing projects easily.

9 24 May 2022 Brainstorming and Organization sessions

Sometimes when life is busy and you're struggling to organize your chaos and don't know where to start, all you need is a spark to light the fire and get things going. Tell me where you're at, and I'll give you up to an hour of pure brainstorming and rapid organisation to inspire you and give you direction.

10 24 May 2022 Family Constellation

Family Constellation with Didier and Nicolette

Join us Saturday 4th of June 

from 9.00 to 15.30 at Shanti Sanctuary


Northen Surbrub

11 24 May 2022 Proofreading / Editing

General proofreading, spell and grammar check, editing

T60 + R60 (Rands are for overheads spend)per hour's work
Marina Da Gama
12 24 May 2022 Obsolete Acer laptop

ACER LAPTOP/blue screener

Obsolete for us, might be cool for cannibals and/or rebuilding something cool...

Talents only-T200

Email for pics ,welcome to check out in person !

Cape Town
13 24 May 2022 SOCCER BOOTS

KIDS ADIDAS SOCCER BOOTS[ & one ungrateful owner [< :]

Size 1 & 1/2

Talents neg.

Used once, black , photos via email or check them out in person !

Talents only -T500

Cape Town
14 24 May 2022 Books

A variety of quality second hand books

T5 +
Cape Town
15 24 May 2022 Glasses

A variety of quality second hand glasses, popular beer brands

From T30
Cape Town
16 24 May 2022 Avocado & Pillipilli Seedlings

Avocado & Pillipilli Seedlings, grown from seed, they are in the ground

Plants-Seeds-Raw olives
17 24 May 2022 Cape Gooseberry seedlings

Cape Gooseberry Seedlings

Permaculture grown plants, chemical free, tasty fruit from marginal soil-

Great for anchoring soil when rehabilitating soil-

Provides shade for plants who are more vulnerable during a young phase[eg lemon trees ]

T60 for 5 Seedlings

18 24 May 2022 Swimming & Tennis

Outside swimming pool and a tennis court, any season-

From 7am-7pm Winter

2 people ONLY at any given time

Duration- 3 hours

BYO tennis racquets [<-: )

T60 per person

19 24 May 2022 T'ai Chi Chuan

Strategies for Health

learn where your body begins & ends ,and anchors your mind

Yang Style

Wear loose comfortable clothing, barefoot is optimal

T70 per person /1 class

Contact Catriona-

20 23 May 2022 Life Coaching

This is an invitation to benefit from life coaching. Life coaching is an approach to wellness focused on empowering clients to shift from a current, undesired place in their life to a future, desired place. A life coach supports their clients to make progress, find fulfilment, and accomplish their goals in their personal and professional lives. As your life coach, I will support and empower you to:

  • Discover your unique path to feeling connected
  • Find the balance and the peace of acceptance
  • Move into joy with clarity and vitality
  • Move from stagnation to connection and growth
  • Highlight and celebrate your strengths and achievements
  • Create realistic goals and development plans
  • Enhance your self-awareness
  • Improve your ability to make authentic decisions
  • Explore how to access your innate wisdom, intuition, and inner guidance
  • Clarify what you truly want for your life
  • Liberate your from limiting beliefs, patterns, and behaviours
  • Recognise and release challenging, confusing, and overwhelming emotions and situations

I'm offering up to four discounted sessions to five individuals at an exchange of R300/T300 per session (four sessions would translate to R1200/T1200). To book your discounted sessions, visit my website and use the following discount code: 


Glencairn Heights
21 21 May 2022 Introduction to Essential Oils Class

One hour class explaining how and why essential oils are such a powerful plant-based path to wellness.

4 June 2pm - 4pm

We will look at what essential oils are.

The difference between wellness and health.

How to source therapeutic grade essential oils.

Ways to use essential oils in your home.

Which essential oils are safe to use with children.

Recipes for basic wellness using essential oils.

Make a winter wellness roller.

And any other questions you might have about these magical drops of gold.

Cape Town
22 21 May 2022 Homemade playdough

All-natural playdough with the added benefit of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Cape Town
23 21 May 2022 Tween novels (and two for mom)

20 tween novels in good condition. 

2 thrillers. 

Available for collection in Bergvliet. 

Cape Town
24 21 May 2022 Maypole Dances: Instructions, songs & accompaniments

Would love to swap this collector's item for a set of affirmation or oracle cards in good condition. 

Affirmation or oracle cards
Cape Town
25 21 May 2022 Fan heater

Feeling cold this winter? Glen electric fan heater. Good, clean condition. 

26 20 May 2022 Cushions

2 x cushions suitable for sofa or armchairs. Approx 40 x 40 cm. Suede-like fabric. 

50 each
27 20 May 2022 Bennett - Read Hydro15 Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Bennett - Read Hydro15 Vacuum Cleaner Filter. Brand new. I bought the wrong one. 

28 20 May 2022 Web hosting on our dedicated server with Xneelo

INKFISH has a dedicated server with Xneelo, who we have trusted with our hosting for 20 years now and are currently hosting well over 100 sites.

Purchase of domain name and renewal of domain name not included.

T1200 p/y
Cape Town
29 19 May 2022 Soul Birth Offerings

Angela of Soul Birth is offering the following modalities:

Death Hormone De-Activation, + Rejuvenation Hormone Re-Activation in the Pituitary Gland: these are codes that decrease the level of self-sabotage for future healing and balancing thru'out the physical + subtle bodies, plus Healing Separation + Activating the Gift of the God Gene in our DNA.

Re-Awaken Your Divine/Physical Connection by Restoring and Re-Activating the True Functions of the Endocrine Glands + their Hormones using Energy Pattern Codes + the Universal Language of Light - follows #1;

Igniting of the Magdalene Codes of the Solar Christed Feminine (22 codes) - follows both of the above;

NEW!!! - Igniting of the Jeshua Codes of the Lunar-Christed Masculine (18 codes) - follows the above code;

Healing + Recreating our Birth Stories, including Restoration + Re-Activation of the Polypothymus and Placenta Glands, Birth + Placenta Trauma + Sexual Abuse Healing using Vibrational Esssences + Elixirs from Australia (essence included) - follows #1;

Flower Essence + Gem Elixir Energy Pattern Coding for "Reclaiming our Essence of Wholeness": - follows #1;

Conscious Conception Guidance - pre-conception preparation - detoxing and nutrifying on all levels to support soul incarnation;

NEW!!! - The Emotion Code assists one to Trapped Emotions from this lifetime, past lifetimes and from our ancestral timelines foing back many generations;

NEW!!!! - Work with Ho'oponopono to clear Data and Memories from our Subconscious;

Soul Birth Healing - vibrational harmonizing of one's physical body + energy field with the aid of one's Higher Self to re-create balance and harmony - distance or present sessions;

Astro-Biochemic Tissue Salt Maintenance + Facial Analysis Mineral Replacement Therapy, including Natural Health and Nutrition Guidance;

Birth Blueprint Exploration - your date, time and place of birth offers an immense amount of information about your road map through this lifetime using the modalities of Astrology; Human Design System and Gene Keys Profile. A laminated A3 Birth Blue Chart and Reading/Reports are included. Every Exchange T750 and R750

Sacred Crystal Wand Energetic Balancing to special music connecting you to your time in the Womb - maternal + cosmic;

Oracle Card Experiential Readings - various decks;

Please make contact with Angela for Energy Exchange prices and more information about each modallity where required at the numbers or email address to the right.

Various - half rand/half talent
Half rand/half talent

77 Beautiful Liquid Crystals Oracle Cards offer Beautiful Messages from the Atlantian Master Crystal Devas + much more. These Cards themselves are also primed to heal the physical, emotional, mental + spiritual bodies, just as a physically-manifested crystal is able to do.

This set of Oracle + Healing Cards has been created by Justin Moikeha Asar - "His work has led to the true recognition of the Master Crystal Devas by name + symbol + reveals the 11 ancient Atlantian cities. It also assigns the Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Ascended Masters, Tarot, Tree of Life, Animal Totems, Essential Oils, Plants, and even the Stars back to the Crystals of Earth. The Liquid Crystals set has quickly become one of the most advanced and holistic crystalline modalities on Earth, offering the true atlantian Way of Oneness."

Treat yourself to a Connection of Note with Mineral, Devic, Animal, Plant and Angelic Kingdoms all at once!!

T250 and
31 19 May 2022 DNA Re-Patterning of the Endocrine Glands + Hormones

During puberty, our bodies are programmed to activate the Death Hormone in the Pituitary Gland. In order for any Healing modality to be truly effective and successful, it is very important that the Death Hormone be De-activated, followed by the Restoration and Activation of the Rejuvenation Hormone and the God Gene.

Following this initial De-activation and Restoration, over a period of time according to the client's needs and choosing, the Endocrine Glands and their Hormones are Restored and Re-Activated to their True Spiritual Functions relative to the Divine Spiritual Beings That We All Are.

For more information and/or to make an appointment, please feel free to contact Angela at the numbers alongside this advert.

Half talents/half rands
32 19 May 2022 Soul Birth Vibrational Healing

Soul Birth Vibrational Healing is a smorgasbord of modalities and processes that support our healing and awakening with the guidance of our Higher Self.

This smorgasbord of vibrational self-healing modalities synchronizes chaotic and disharmonic energies in our energy field, thus preventing them from becoming physical symptoms of dis-ease and illness, while at the same time, assisting in creating greater understanding of the Journey to Remembering and Re-Awakening to Who We Truly Are. Each treatment session is under the direction and instruction of your Higher Self and Guides, in collaboration with the Higher Self and Guides of the Facilitator (Angela).

Each treatment session is unique for each person and can be done in person, or long-distance.

Angela has integrated the knowledge and wisdom of many healing modalities and Goddess-created Sacred Childbirth, which she has gathered over the past thirty-plus years into Soul Birth Vibrational Healing, Thus, she is able to offer a very unique modality of Self-Healing and Energy Field Clearance and Harmonization to anyone requiring and desiring to assist their own Spiritual growth process as well as assisting souls to incarnate in this 3-Dimensional world in which we live.

For a more expanded explanation, contact Angela Red River at the contact details alongside.

T400 and
33 19 May 2022 Cards for every occasion

Elegant or delicate, whimsical or informal... cards to suit every taste and purpose! Decorations on the cover often include shells, leaves, cork, feathers, stones, a variety of found objects atop handmade paper. Blank Cards are A5 either white or brown.

Milnerton Ridge
34 18 May 2022 Breathwork Experience Conscious Connected Breathing
Dive deep down past the mental, emotional and physical nature of our existence and take a glimpse of who we really are, a journey back home to our Authentic Self
350 talents per session
35 18 May 2022 Yin Yoga
A meditative experience to leave you feeling blissed out and ready for la la land
150 talents per session
36 18 May 2022 Ecstatic Dance
Dance your way to freedom as you find your groove that expresses your uninhibited self, and release the Ecstatic child you are deep behind the veil of illusion that keeps us 'safe'
250 talents per experience
37 18 May 2022 Mystery Box - Fruit & Veg
A box of local fruit and veggies, which varies every roung... Bananas are a standard because they are the best!
Hout Bay
38 18 May 2022 Nuts
I sell a large variety of nuts. Price depends on the type of nut, all prices are per kg.
220 for cashews / 315 for pistachios / 160 for walnuts
Hout Bay
39 18 May 2022 Raw Honey
I have a variety of flavours. Apple Blossom, Rosebank, Wildflower & more
Hout Bay
40 18 May 2022 Deceased Estates

Assistance and advice in the following areas:

  • will drafting
  • estate planning
  • deceased estate administration
  • advice and assistance with complicated estates
  • protection of estate assets from sale or foreclosure

8 years of experience in deceased estates, recently qualified.

T200 and R200 per hour
Fish Hoek
41 18 May 2022 Estate assistance

Assistance and advice in the following areas:

  • will drafting
  • estate planning
  • deceased estate administration
  • advice and assistance with complicated estates
  • protection of estate assets from sale or foreclosure

8 years of experience in deceased estates, recently qualified.

T200 and R200 per hour
Fish Hoek
42 18 May 2022 Shower caddy

Stainless steel shower caddy for corner of shower

43 18 May 2022 YOUR creative home event SUPPORT

It is my ultimate passion! I love to advise and support YOU for YOUR special lunch and / or dinner food events at your home incl all pre planing, food menu selections, food purchasing, wine recommendations, wine purchasing and the actual food preperation, presesentations and table set ups. Lets have some CULINARY FUN TIME. #me@BonApetite 🙂

250 / hour or special set amount for entire event planing and food preparations
44 18 May 2022 Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine, Psilocybin mainly, but also Lion's Tail and San Pedro:

Micro-Dosing capsules available.

Guided Intro Journey, Small doses (1 -2 grms), small groups (Max 4). T 500/ R 500 / pers.

Guided Hero Journey, Heavy dose (5 grms), solo or couples. T 2000 / R 2000 /pers for Solo, T 3000 / R 3000 for couples.

From T 150
From R 150
Fish Hoek
45 18 May 2022 Massage Therapy

Swedish Full Body Massages: - Express: Back & Shoulders, 45 mins, T 450 / R 450 - Full Body, 60 mins, T 600 / R 600 - Extended Full Body, 90 mins, T 900 / R900

From t 450
From R 450
Fish Hoek
46 18 May 2022 Tantric & Nuru Massage

Tantric Massage, Full Body, 90 Mins, R 450 +T 450

Tantric Massage, Full Body, 120 mins, R 600 + T 600

Yoni Massage, add R 150 +T 150 to Full Body of the duration of your choice.

Lingam Massage, add R 150 + T 150 to Full Body duration of your choice.

Nuru Massage (Includes a full Body scrub before massage), 120 mins, R 1000 + T 1000

From R450 + T 450
Fish Hoek
47 18 May 2022 Bushcraft /adventure /experience

I run overnighters and weekend camps under the Rewilding Your Soul name. We camp in forests, mountains and deserts. The intent is to reconnect with Nature while re-learning the ancient art of Wild camping, Bushcraft and Survival. We have campfire discussions as well as sacred Plant Medecine experiences.

I also organise river trips.

Western Cape based.

Tailor-made packages can be organised.

From T 1500
From R 1500
Fish Hoek
48 17 May 2022 Half size violin

Half size violin from Music Peyer.

49 17 May 2022 Cord cutting, Energy hooks, clearing old relationship issues

Resolve and liberate yourself and your energetic partner from energy cords and hooks that are holding you back.


In exchange, I ask for 3 comments anywhere on my website to help me get up on the google rankings so that I can continue to do this work full time.