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# Date Offering Rate Area
1 24 Oct 2021 Flower of Life Ceramic Pendants

Flower of Life Ceramic pendants handmade with love from porcelain or clay, glazed with beautiful natural colours and kiln fired. A simple way to connect with and experience the resonance of Sacred Geometry and the connectedness of all things.

Blossom Tania is the local artist and is based in Welcome Glen.

We love supporting and exploring Value Exchanges so feel free to contact us if you have any ideas for trade, swap ie for vegetables or artisan foods for example.

Blessings and Have the best day.

2 23 Oct 2021 Birth Doula

Mama Bamba doula, currently still finishing certification births on a volunteer/free basis.

3 22 Oct 2021 Birthkeeper

I offer support, information and care to women in their childbearing year.

Please see my website:

Depends on what service you would like to engage in
4 21 Oct 2021 Cord cutting

Resolve and liberate yourself and your energetic partner from energy cords and hooks that are holding you back. 


In exchange, I ask for 3 comments anywhere on my website to help me get up on the google rankings so that I can continue to do this work full time. 

5 20 Oct 2021 Life Map - Personal Strategic Plan

Personal Mastery & Growth


Bliss & Life Alignment Coach

Wendy Summers

  • Personal Life Map
  • Career Life Path
  • Support, Guidance and a Personal Cheer Leader 🙂

Full talents / trade.
Whatsapp: 082 3 324 324

600 per hour
6 20 Oct 2021 Birth Trauma debriefing and Healing

Has any part of your birth experience left you with unanswered questions? Is there a part of your birth that didn't feel good?

Are you moving through the world feeling unresolved, unhappy, dissatisfied, abused or hurt around your birth?

Do you question yourself as to why your birth unfolded the way it did?

I am here to support you, to hear your story. I am here to listen to you and offer insights based from my experience. Giving yourself the space and time to process and unpack your birth story is a gift you can give to yourself and your baby, as through any healing that you feel needs to be done will hugely fortify you on your mothering journey.

Whether you are days, months or years post birth you may have thoughts, feelings and physical cellular memory that you would like to share. I offer presence, deep listening, love and compassion which can be of huge support as you heal yourself.

This session can be done at anytime after having your baby. Past our first session, I will continue to offer you guidance and support and share in some tools for you to walk onwards, beginning to take radical responsibility for creating the life you long for. Working through your past hurts can truly set you free, walking through the fire can be scary yet ultimately transformative, finding your power through your trauma.

This is for TWO 60 minute sessions and will be done over Zoom.

In our first session focuses on your unique story. I offer you deep listening, love and support and you tell your tale.

In our second session, With my Into Essence coaching, we will move through and process areas you wish to release and embrace that which you can grow and evolve from.

email me at: to book you sessions. Please specify that you are on the talent exchange.

7 20 Oct 2021 Tyre 265/70 R16 - only One

Tyre 265/70 R16: only One, for e.g. garden planter, playground, tyre swing, etc.
This tyre is too old to be used on any vehicle! - the rubber compounds deteriorate with time regardless of the condition of the tread

8 20 Oct 2021 New Suit - Grey

New Suit - Grey

Size 54

9 20 Oct 2021 Leather Jacket - Excellent Quality

Size 54

10 20 Oct 2021 Jacket Brown

Very good Condition


Size 50-52

11 20 Oct 2021 Brown Shoes - as New

Top Quality

As New

Size 10-11

12 20 Oct 2021 MENS Clothing - New or Excellent Condition

Want to dress up?

Jackets, Trousers, Coats, Suits, Ties...
All very good quality, in excellent condition, many new
Size 48, 50 and 52
All negotiable per piece T 150 - T 500 - T 1500
Some displayed in single offers...

Ŧ 150 - T 1500
13 20 Oct 2021 Alexander Technique ONLINE

The Alexander Technique - Freedom to Change

Online Sessions

The Alexander Technique is a re-education method that helps us to identify and prevent harmful postural habits that often cause pain.

You will learn how to release unwanted tensions in order to reduce fatigue and pain, and also improve coordination and confidence in your daily life.

  • Helps you feel lighter, stronger and more grounded.
  • Improves breathing and body awareness.
  • Expands alertness.
  • Reduces anxiety.
  • Enlivens body and mind.
  • Keeps you young in body mind and spirit.

Change takes time, so it is recommended to start with a course of 10 sessions. From there you can decide whether you have learned enough or want to continue the journey.

Andrzej Wall
Certified Teacher Of Alexander Technique
Member os SASTAT

Hout Bay
14 20 Oct 2021 Alexander Technique

LEARN Alexander Technique, ONLINE SESSIONS

Athletics Weekly: Alleviating anxiety with the Alexander Technique

How to move with poise and alertness.

How to sit in front of a computer without unnecessary strain and overtension.

"The use of the body in proper poise ensures the least friction and consequently the greatest amount of energy available for what may be required of the individual. " Raymond Dart, Anthropologist

"We teach people to become aware of the unnecessary strain and overtension they make in everything they do so that they need not continue to misuse themselves in this way." Marjory Barlow, Alexander Technique Teacher

Source: SASTAT,

Learn how to un-do the habits that create physical tension and stress.

The Alexander Technique is a gentle, non-invasive approach to restoring the body's natural equilibrium so improving breathing, releasing muscle tension and easing pain. It is more than a therapy, it is a re-learning of how to use your body wisely and well.

You will learn from the comfort of your home the principles of the Alexander Technique and how to apply them in everyday life.

As changing habits takes time, it's recommended to start with a course of 10 sessions (one or two sessions per week).

Andrzej Wall
Certified Alexander Technique Teacher
Member of SASTAT

Hout Bay
15 19 Oct 2021 PERMACULTURE

Share the Permaculture Design Principles and Implementation -

For swap for seeds and cuttings or any other swap such as garden books or tools or value is T1200.
Cape Town
16 19 Oct 2021 Microdosing Capsules

Psilocybin capsules of 100mg or 150mg

12.50/100mg capsule
Cape Farms
17 19 Oct 2021 Sacred Journeys

Holding space for sacred SOMA journeys.

Contact me
Cape Farms
18 19 Oct 2021 Full Body Relaxation Therapy Massage

A combination of deep tissue and relaxation therapy massage. Treat yourself or a loved one to a gentle caring massage that will bring peace and relaxation. 

Cape Farms
19 18 Oct 2021 Online Life and Health Coaching
I do online sessions with people for Health and Life Coaching.
Contact me if you or someone you know needs help with:
  • find out what food works for you and then sticking to that healthy lifestyle
  • you're emotionally/uncontrollably eating or binge eating and you don't know how to stop
  • you're suffering due to the isolation of the lockdowns
  • you're really stressed and anxious and need guidance to manage it
  • need to bounce ideas for creating new career/business opportunities
  • need direction and help with life in general
It has been really tough to deal with more lockdown so if you're feeling really stressed and anxious about the current situation contact me for coaching.
20 18 Oct 2021 Evening Dress Size 10

UK brand 'Jane Norman'

Strapless evening dress

Size 10

Blue satin with sequins

Brand new, never been worn

21 18 Oct 2021 4 Wheel walker with seat

The rubber on the front wheels are a bit worn, but still in good working condition.

22 17 Oct 2021 Distance Healing with Reiki

Book for a 15 or 30min distance healing session that will leave you calm, relaxed, peaceful, with clear thoughts, and able to sleep well that night. Successive sessions would bring more and deeper results (Rome wasn't built in a day). We agree on a time and day. You lie down where you are at the agreed time. I send the Reiki using the remote technique that I was taught. Then you go about your day. Easy peasy. Anyone looking for a magic wand, quick fix - I can help you. Anyone looking for a process that beings about lasting change, I can help you too. 

T250 for 15min T400 for 30min

250 - 400
23 17 Oct 2021 Aromatherapy Consultation

Not sure which oils to buy for your problem? Don't know how to blend oils? I can help you to decide which oils are appropriate for you at this time, and recommend easy ways to get them into your system that won't require a lot of thought. I can also help you to choose the right brands at the shop where you choose to buy your oils. (Not all aromatherapy oils are created equal).

You let me know a time and day that suits you, we meet on zoom or other type of video call, and away we go! 

T250 for 15min T400 for 30min consultations.

250 - 400
24 17 Oct 2021 Life Situation Reading

Want to know if you're fulfilling your purpose here? I use my intuition, some tarot cards, and a few well-placed questions to help you discern if you're on track. If you're not in track, suggestions will be provided on how to get back on track. These usually come in the form of downloads from YOUR higher self, I just act as messenger. 
Please note: I am not a traditional psychic or tagore reader such as you might find at holistic fairs or online. I don't answer questions about when you'll meet your boyfriend or get your inheritance. If those are your questions, please find other adverts to engage with.

25 16 Oct 2021 Computer Desk

Computer desk with shelves and cd rack. (photo attached)

Condition: Decent, the odd scuff on areas close to the floor.

Dimensions: 1200mm L x 550mm W x 770mm H (Desk area)
Full height with the shelving/CD rack is 1385mm

Milnerton Ridge