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# Date Offering Rate Area
1 16 Jun 2019 Angelcare Movement and sound monitor

Sound monitor and movement monitor to monitor breathing

2 16 Jun 2019 Oak sideboard and mirror

Oak sideboard and oak mirror

3 15 Jun 2019 G's Red Reishi Tincture

Just ten drops a day will help modulate your immune system. G's Red Reishi Tincture is also an all-purpose tonic, improving overall energy and vitality.

 30ml and 50ml bottles available at the Talent Market this Saturday (Solstice w.end). Also deliverable bwteen Seapoint and Claremont if you get lucky

4 15 Jun 2019 Small dishwasher

almost brandnew. pics available.

No less than four different people have said they desperately want this dishwasher, and simply didn't arrive to fetch it. Please note that a non-refundable deposit is therefore obligatory, if you want this small, versatile and useful dishwasher

5 15 Jun 2019 Artist's donkey, etc

Artist's donkey, a seated easel T1000

Several traditional wooden stools from Binga area, Zimbabwe Various prices

a heap of household stuff will be available at the Talent Market this Saturday

6 15 Jun 2019 Ahoy gardeners/ earth builders/ rainwalkers

2 pairs of almost new gumboots, large sizes (12, 13). Collect at the Talent Market this Saturday (Claremont)

T100 per pair
7 15 Jun 2019 Famous cheesecake

Ginger-lemon cheesecake on order, for collection at the Talent Market on Saturday

8 14 Jun 2019 Reflexology and / or Energy Healing


Energy Healing 

R350 & T400/hour
Welcome Glen
9 14 Jun 2019 Dorn method spine alignment

Full body Spine alignment, using body movement and guided pressure...gentle, long lasting adjustment - with at least 3 sessions, and with a simple, daily exercise regime...empowering you to find a more comfortable way to be...

T550 per session
R500 per session
Welcome Glen
10 14 Jun 2019 Health and Lifestyle consultation - Naturally Wise

Do you experience frequent/ chronic discomfort and want to find a wway to be free from it? I can help you to find a way to shift your experience - by analysing your history of your discomforts, seeking to understand the cause and find a route to wellness...

be it through simple exercises, shifts in your diet/lifestyle/supplementation or referral for a particular modality.

I have been a body work therapist for the past 24 years....with a great passsion for the body's own ability to heal, and the adventure of the healing process. I have witnessed many phenomenal shifts with the many I have worked with and through doing that, have gained a wealth of knowledge about supporting our natural ability to heal & shift... and I will share that knowledge with you n a way that is relevent for your own individual situation, when you come to me for a consultation.

Welcome Glen
11 14 Jun 2019 Dorn method spine alignment
R450 + T450 per session
Welcome Glen
12 13 Jun 2019 Anella wedding shoes

Anella “Marlene” wedding shoes with ankle strap and diamante details (size 4/4.5). Bought new, these would go for about R1500.

Gives the effect of height without discomfort (as the front sole is thick – see photo).

Shoes can easily be dyed (Durasole in Wynberg has experience with dyeing Anella shoes).

Worn once only (at my wedding!). Comes with spare diamante studs and a pair of new heel stoppers for walking on grass.

Feel free to Whatsapp or call 073 963 4663 if you're interested or have any queries.

T400, R400
13 13 Jun 2019 Let 'music' be your prompt towards self-realization.

Talk/Workshop - At Novalis Ubuntu Institute, 39 Rosmead ave. Kenilworth, on 13 July 2019 - 08:30 for 09:00 to 12:00

Music brings joy to the world! What do we bring to the world?

A fun and informative journey into our inner world. Learn about the essence of music - sound and silence - and its various components. These have a powerful messages for us as humanity and may prompt us to live life empowered and on purpose towards personal freedom, harmony, peace and joy.

Typically, this workshop comprizes of - Meditation, Examining music and its components, humming and 'A'ing, body percussion and beat-boxing. Self-enquiry activity, creating 'music' as a metaphor or analogy of life, Q&A.

No previous knowledge of music is necessary. Bring a pen and notepad.

P.S. The image appears very small. Visit 'You-Consultancy' on fb for a larger view. Please share widely.

Audas Estate
14 13 Jun 2019 Tantanika Touch Therapy ~therapeutic & remedial massage

Combining various techniques

Swedish,. Deep tissue, neuromuscular techniques, trigger point therapy, & RIFE resonator Electromagnectic treatments.

aiming to relieve chronic pain, toning & strengthening muscles, improving posture & gait. Feeling good will give you a better sense of well being.

Massages are either local (head neck shoulder back. Arms, hands & feet )or the full body. Wheelchair users welcome.

Treatments range from 45 to 60 minutes long

Cape Town/tulbagh
15 12 Jun 2019 Shelf

Laminate shelf 1.6m tall and 0.9m wide

16 12 Jun 2019 Headboard

Headboard for single or 3/4 bed

17 12 Jun 2019 Guitar wall holder

I am selling a new guitar wall holder

18 12 Jun 2019 Horse grooming kit

Hi I am gving away my daughters horse grooming kit - unused - waiting for a keen new owner

19 12 Jun 2019 Racing life saving vest

Hi, I am giving away 2 racing life-saving sailing vests -one for 6-8 year old child - one for a small adult- hope it will find the right person !see pictures

20 12 Jun 2019 Emotional Processing

Our emotions are here to teach us.  We have not been taught how to debrief the landscape of our emotions.

Are your feelings and thoughts on a hampsters wheel - same thoughts and feelings - recurring and whirling around and around...

All of our emotions are a rich tapestry of information.

Would you like to explore, process, understand and grow from them?

Book a Life Enhancing session.

30 mins - T200

60 mins - T400

90 mins - T600

120 mins - T650

200 per half hour
21 11 Jun 2019 Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading 300 Talent

22 11 Jun 2019 Clothing

Second hand goods

23 11 Jun 2019 Garden Route Tour 14-16 June

Extend your Cape Town Holiday with 2 nights 3 days on one of the most beautiful routes we have to offer in South Africa.

Travel and Tours Cape Town introduces our Garden Route Tour with accommodation and transportation included from only T2000 per person!.

Contact us for more information and booking your seat. There are only two spots available. 

24 10 Jun 2019 Aroma Therapy oils: bespoke remedies and create your own perfume

Essential Oils are Mother Nature's gift for healing and treating the body, mind and soul.

Natural alternative preventative medicine used for boosting immunity, reducing inflamation with anti bacterial benefits, plus many more fun applications. I make bespoke remedies for any ailment by blending oils to suit your health and home needs. Design your favorite perfume with 100% natural ingredients. Perfect for gifts: Face moisturiser serum, repair, refresh, balance for dry/problem skin, assist scar healing. Most popular uses: for stress, anxiety and insomnia relief via a diffuser. Topical application allows quick absorption into the bloodstream via the skin - your largest organ!

I am a Energy Healer and use oils in my every daily practise...

T200 per bottle or shop skill
25 10 Jun 2019 Property advise, valuations/sales, lease terms, rental Inventory Inspections

After 15 years of property management experience in residential, retail and commercial rental, I offer a variety of rental services, from general advise on Lease documents, drafting terms, negotiations. I work from home, can carry out Condition and Inventory inspections, reporting on findings, advise on maintenance issues.

My partner is a top local Real Estate Agent who can offer home Valuations, Sales and finding your dream home with bond structure and current market advise.

Specialise in Southern Suberbs area.

A full circle property team service.

T300 per hour or swop skills offer
26 10 Jun 2019 I Ching = get clarity on your life questions

Based on the 3000 year old "Book of Changes", the I Ching has been inspiring and teaching for generations.

Consult the "Oracle" an ancient Chinese mythology that offers clarity on life situations when you are searching for answers or greater general understanding. These reading can offer you insight to current and future issues. It provides deeply insightful spiritual guidance and answers questions about life, love, business, health, self realization and personal issue.
I enjoy using this mythology for the unique philosophical perspective.

I also provide Energy Healing and Attunement: chakra rebalancing, home/sound cleansing, as an additional service to assist with effectively assimilating the readings, to make your journey more worthwhile and complete.

T250 per hour or Swop skills, Southern Suburbs areas
27 7 Jun 2019 Cards for every occasion

Elegant or delicate, whimsical or informal cards to suit every taste and purpose! Decorations on the cover often include shells, leaves, cork, feathers, stones, a variety of found objects atop handmade paper of all textures and colours. Cards are A5 either white or brown, unprinted. Milnerton Ridge / Western suburbs.

Milnerton Ridge
28 7 Jun 2019 Reflexology,
One hour
Marina Da Gama
29 7 Jun 2019 Detox And Nutrition
One hour consultation
Marina Da Gama