If you have recently changed your password and now find that you can’t log in using your mobile phone, here are a few tips to help you deal with it.

This login problem only seems to happen with mobile phones. If you have changed your password, you should be able to log in on the desktop site at www.ctte.org.za or www.community-exchange.org. When logged in, you can also change your password in your personal account record. Simply enter the new password and press the Update button.

The problem on phones is caused by browsers not giving up their saved passwords. It is possible to delete the saved password. Each browser is different but on Chrome, the most popular browser on Android phones, go to Settings > Passwords and then delete the saved password for the Talent Exchange. Then try logging in again with your new password.

Another trick on phones is to use one of the other addresses for the Talent Exchange. Use any of these: cell.ctte.org.zacell.ces.org.zamobi.community-exchange.org. One of them should work.

Resetting your password involves a reset link being sent to your email address. If your email address is out of date on the CTTE web site, you will not receive the link to reset your password. You will then have to write to the Administrator at admin@ctte.org.za. Also, if you appear not to receive the reset link, look in your spam folder. It might be there.