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Tip: Use Your Phone to Directly Record Y...

Tip: Use Your Phone to Directly Record Your Transactions

Traditionally, market sellers have used trading sheets to record their trades. Then, after the market, they enter the transactions into their computers. While this works well, it comes with some problems. Sometimes, buyers give the wrong account number on the trading sheets, which results in angry emails from wrongly debited members. Other times, buyers who […]

Talent Exchange Market – Saturday 9 Octo

Novalis Talent Market – Saturday, 9 October 2021 DATE: Saturday, 9 October 2021VENUE: Novalis Ubuntu Institute, Rosmead Avenue, WynbergMAP: 10 am to 2 pmTABLES: T75 & R25 a stall.SETUP: Setup from 09:00TRADERS: Contact to book a stall/table   Online Talent Exchange Markets Telegram Market Trading continues on our online Telegram group where you can advertise what […]

What is the Difference Between Talents a...

What is the Difference Between Talents and Money?

Many who join the Talent Exchange see little difference between Talents and money. After all, both are used in a similar way to “get stuff”. Some believe that both are representations of “energy” and ultimately “do the same thing”. On a superficial level, these observations are correct. Both are a means of exchange, used to facilitate exchange. Without them, life would be […]

Free Yourself from the Grids!

Free Yourself from the Grids!

In last week’s post we discussed the notion of self-reliance. This week we continue along the same vein, but look at what it is that keeps us dependent and reliant on the unreliable reality that was once called “normal”. Our dependency comes through our reliance on the various grids that make up the matrix woven around us. “Grids” […]