If you get an erroneous email notifying you that someone has debited your Talent Exchange account or you have spotted the same in your monthly statement, the first thing to do is contact the trader who entered the transaction record. The Administrator can’t do much because s/he doesn’t know if the actual transaction took place or not.

Transaction notification emails contain the contact details of the provider (seller). Contact the provider immediately and ask for the record to be cancelled (deleted) if it was entered by mistake, or for it to be amended if it contains an error (e.g. the wrong amount was entered). The trader then needs to go to their online statement of account and take the appropriate action (delete or edit).

If, for some reason, you did not get the transaction reporting email (it could have ended up in your spam folder) but noticed an error in your statement of account, the best course of action is to contact the provider immediately. The provider’s contact details are not given in the statement so you will have to look them up on the site. Log into your account and do a user search using the provider’s account number. This will bring up their contact details as well as a way to contact them directly from the site. Report the error and request that it be deleted or amended, as the case may be.

Errors must be reported and settled within 45 days. If you take longer than this, the provider is entitled to ignore your request.

If the provider refuses to take any action after you have reported the error, you can enter a counter transaction to negate the amount.