HandshakeDo you sometimes find it difficult to find a trader’s name and account number in order to enter a transaction with them?

A new feature has been added to help you find and enter transactions without having to search our massive drop-down list of traders!

Click on the [Trading] button on the menu bar at the top and you will see a new Trade with option in the drop-down menu. Click on that and you will be presented with a new Trader Search page.

Enter any detail that you have on the trader: full name, first name, last name, organisation/company name, account number or email address. Press the [Search] button to find names that match your search query.

By default it searches for anyone in any exchange hosted on the same server as CTTE, but you can select other servers to perform a remote search.

If anything is found it may be a single user or many, depending on your search query. Look carefully through the list to see if the trader you are looking for is listed.

If the name of the trader with whom you wish to enter a transaction appears in the list, click on the name and you will be taken immediately to the transaction form with that buyer’s account number already selected. Enter the transaction details and record the transaction.

Should the trader be on another server, select another server and enter your search query. A similar list will be displayed but when you click on the trader you will be presented with the user’s account details. At the bottom you will see a ‘Enter transaction with: [Go]’ button. Click on that and you will be presented with the remote transactions form, with the buyer’s account details already filled in.