Christmas Market and Documentary – Saturday, 4 December 2021

For the first time, we are having an evening Talent market. This Christmas Market will be combined with a showing of “The Money Fix”, a documentary about monetary solutions (like the Talent Exchange!).

Come along and enjoy this documentary, which will open your eyes to how the current, failing monetary system works and keeps us enslaved. We’ll have a brief discussion afterwards.

The market will follow the documentary, so come early to set up. Bring all your gifts to make this a bumper market. Meet fellow talented exchangers and have a fun evening!

Please invite your friends to come and see the documentary. If they want to participate in the market, they can sign up at the event.

DATE: Saturday, 4 December 2021
TIME: Documentary 16:00-17:30; market afterwards until 20:00
VENUE: Rhino Africa Safaris, 103 Francis St, Zonnebloem (Woodstock), Cape Town, 7925
MAP: Click here
TABLES: Market stalls T100
SETUP: Setup from 16:00
TRADERS: Contact Hazel at to book a stall/table. Please bring your own tablecloths to give your stall a better appearance.

Check out these videos showing what an awesome venue it is!

  1. The marketspace
  2. The auditorium
  3. General views

Online Talent Exchange Markets

Telegram Market

TelegramTrading continues on our online Telegram group where you can advertise what you want to sell and what you are looking for.  To join the group, log into your account and click on the Telegram icon where it says CTTE Trading Group on the home page. This will activate the Telegram group join link. Please do not share it with non-members.

If you wish to participate in online trading, advertise what you will be selling on this group. Indicate if you are selling for Talents, bartering, offering as a gift etc.

To avoid too much chatter in the forum, DM (direct message) sellers if you require further information or want to arrange how you can receive/reserve the offering.

Market sellers should advertise their wares or services on the chat group in such a way that it is clear what is being provided and how much is being requested in Talents. Contact details need not be provided as the chat is the forum.