offerOne of the great features of the CES is that you can advertise your Offerings, Wants and Announcements on other exchanges. This means that if you want to ‘expand your market’ in order to sell what you offer, you are not restricted to the Cape Town Talent Exchange, and if you require something from a distant place (such as accommodation) you can target your Want.

To add an Offering to a remote exchange, log into your account and hover your mouse pointer over the [Offerings] button at the top. Select Add Offering from the drop-down menu. On the Add New Offering page, select the offering type (e.g. Talents Only) and then you will be taken to the input page.

If the target exchange is on the default server then ignore the top options (Server); else select Australia. Then select the exchange from the Add to drop-down list. The categories of the target exchange may be different from the usual CTTE categories so be careful which category you choose. After that fill in the offering details in the normal way.

The Add Want and Add Announcement functions work in much the same way: select the remote exchange first, before filling in the details.

It is not possible to advertise your Offerings, Wants and Announcements on all exchanges in one go. It is like this to prevent spam. If advertising is too easy then many will place their adverts in nearly 900 exchanges and this will be repeated 900 times in the global lists! So please target your Offerings, Wants and Announcements to just those exchanges where you expect the best results.

If you are looking for accommodation in a remote place, for example, try placing a Want in the exchange(s) in the area you are planning to visit. You may be pleasantly surprised.

To edit/delete your remote Offerings, Wants and Announcements, do this in the same way as normal. That is, select My Offerings or My Wants or My Announcements from the [My Record] button at the top.