The offerings list is not just for advertising goods and services for sale but a good way to recycle goods that you no longer want or need.

There are other places where you can advertise goods that you would like to recycle, such as FreeCycle, but why not do it right here on the Talent Exchange?

Most of us have old clothes, books, toys, electrical devices, CDs, DVDs and all manner of other things that are still usable but not being used. Advertise them on the Talent Exchange to clear your space without adding more unwanted stuff to the landfill. Your junk might be just what someone is looking for.

You can simply gift what you don’t want, or if your balance is in the red then attach a Talent price. You could also barter what you have for what you need.

So have a look around to see what you have at the back of your drawers, on the top shelf of your cupboards and stashed away in the garage, and advertise it on the exchange!