emptyHow many times have you heard criticism about the Talent Exchange that “there is nothing there that I want”?

Usually those who complain the most have no offerings themselves. If everyone says “I’m not going to advertise anything until there is something worthwhile that I can get” then clearly there will never be anything worthwhile to get!

How do we break out of this Catch 22 situation: everyone withholding their offerings until there are some interesting offerings?

One way to break the cycle is to advertise your offering as both a want and an offering. Say for example your offering is computer lessons and you want someone to come and tidy your garden. You could advertise your offering as a swap offering requesting someone to tidy your garden, and as a want requesting garden tidying services for computer lessons.

This way you are likely to get what you want even if no one is offering what you are looking for.

The Wants function tends to get forgotten but it is a useful way of getting what you want even if you do not see an offering for it. So don’t be put off by the lack of “useful offerings”. Advertise a Want to see if someone can provide what you are looking for and use the swap, barter and gifting options for advertising both your wants and offerings.