As fast as I earn Talents I have to spend them, the faster I spend them the faster I seem to earn them. Belonging to the Talent Exchange has opened up my entire vista.

I am physically challenged so everything I do from shopping, to going to the doctor, to an evening’s entertainment I need help with.

It got to the stage where I felt I had worn out my friends, constantly asking for help, but the Talent Exchange changed all that. I can shop via the exchange, I can get treatments via the exchange, I can pay someone Talents to do my shopping. Instead of my few loyal friends I have over 1,000 people out there I can call on to help me.

I have made so many new friends on the exchange, and yes we quite often swap treatments or services but there is no longer a feeling of resentment because I did more for them or a feeling of indebtedness because they did more for me. We always just bill each other the rate we’re comfortable asking.

I get treatments every week. I could never afford that in Rand terms. I can also afford to try out other treatments that I would normally not be able to afford. I have given gift vouchers for various treatments, to friends for birthdays or Christmas or simply because I can!

When my geyser burst, I completely redecorated the house. I had the walls painted, murals painted, curtains made, a patio made, tiling done – all on the exchange. I am still going to get my furniture re-varnished. I have had my sliding doors and my shower doors serviced.

I have bought a brass bed, a couple of electric heaters, jewellery, handbags, clothes, books, toys, trees, plants, plant pots, ornaments, a vacuum cleaner, table and chairs, a sofa, a popcorn maker, original paintings, a reflexology machine. I’ve had meals cooked for me, and I’ve bought wine. I’ve had a sushi rolling workshop for my birthday. I’ve had deliveries done for me.. I’ve eaten in my local restaurant. I’ve been to the theatre. I’ve bought a network hub, a headphone and speaker for my computer, had my computer serviced, had my printer serviced. I have an email address. I’m having piano lessons. All of this on the exchange!

In return, I’ve rented out accommodation, done BodyTalk treatments, taught Taijiquan, acted as a chauffeur, sold old clothes, shoes, furniture, designed and printed business cards, rented out time on my computer, taken on new members and entered transactions.

So why not live a little, and live a little differently! Invite some friends around, get someone to cater, rent space at one of the venues, get a DJ or a musician, get a story-teller and have an evening with a difference. Why not try out a new treatment, learn a new language, learn a new skill. Do something different today and help another Talent Exchanger to earn some Talents. Have fun!