If someone contacts you about something you are providing on the Talent Exchange, you should always check their trading record before agreeing to provide what you are offering.

Many members are deeply in debit, meaning that they have received more than they have given. Some are right at the baseline of their debit limit (T500 by default but often more than this). Some are beyond their debit limit and many consistent offenders have had their accounts locked because they only take and give little or nothing back.

The CTTE does not have ‘hard’ debit limits, in the sense that users accounts stop working when they reach their limits. It is possible to go over limits, but sellers will be strongly advised not to trade with those who are beyond their debit limit.

The quickest way to check another user’s standing (i.e. their current balance and trading record) is to log into your CTTE account and type their name or account number into the search box at the top right.

This will bring up a list of users matching your search query. (If nothing is found then hover over the [Users] button and select ‘User Search’ from the drop-down menu. That will provide more options for searching for the user.)

If you find who you are looking for, click on the user’s name. That will bring up their account record. Then click on View Trading Record at the top left of the user’s record. You will then see the user’s trading record.

Observe if they are in debit or not. If they are in debit you can determine if they over their limit, or if after you have provided what they are requesting they will be taken over their limit. You will find sufficient information to determine if the user is someone who has joined the exchange only to take, and who is not prepared to ‘pay’ for what they have received by giving anything back. You should not provide what you are offering to such users.

The health of the exchange depends on its users. It is not up to the administrator to monitor everything and contact users who are not “playing the game”. It is our duty as members to ensure that everyone gives as much as they receive.