Most transactions on CES are entered by sellers, who rely on buyers providing the correct information about their accounts. Sometimes buyers’ handwriting is so bad that sellers enter the wrong account number into the transactions form on the website. And sometimes buyers have the wrong account number in their heads and repeatedly give it out. As your can imagine, this is very frustrating for the member whose account keeps getting debited for things they have not received.

There is also the possibility of some evil soul using someone else’s account details to obtain things for which others have to ‘pay’. This has happened a few times in the past, but it is very rare. In the Talent Exchange, trading is performed with trust so it is disappointing when people bring across their bad habits from the corrupt conventional economy.

How to fix it: buyer’s POV

If your account gets debited for something you did not receive, don’t respond by writing to the administrator or the site feedback. When you get an email informing you that your account has been debited for something you didn’t receive, contact the seller whose details are in the notification. Inform the seller that you did not receive what you have been debited for and request that the transaction be deleted. The seller needs to check his/her trading sheet to ensure that the correct details were entered.

If there really does seem to be a baddy using your account number, then it is possible to change your account number.

How to prevent it: seller’s POV

Sellers, when you enter transactions from a trading sheet, it is important that you check the details that appear on the confirmation page before pressing the [Confirm] button. The account numbers must show the same names that appear on your trading sheet. If a name appears to be wrong, you need to first search for the name to establish the correct account number.

It is a good idea to keep your trading sheets and not destroy them after you have entered the details of your trades. Buyers can take months before they realise something is wrong. Sometimes buyers even forget what they have received. If you have your trading sheets you can take a photo of the relevant entry and send it to the buyer.

Another way to ensure that the buyer is really who they say they are, is to get them to enter the trade on their mobile phone ‘as buyer’. This is in effect a ‘payment’, where the buyer is entering the transaction. This is only useful for once-off transactions and would not work in a market situation.

Please report to the administrator any consistent wrong use of account numbers.