Your credit limit above zero and your debit limit below zero define the band in which you need to trade. So long as you are giving and receiving in equal measure you should not find it too difficult to manage on the default limits, because it is actually a band T5500 wide. However, if you need to do multiple trades in both directions then your band will need to be wider, so please do not hesitate to write to the CTTE administrator at to request to have your limits increased. You will need to have shown that you are an active trader, however!

The current default debit limit is set at a modest -T500 for new members. This was reduced from the previous limit of -T5000 because some members were taking up to the limit and not ‘paying’ for what they received by giving anything back to the community. The -T500 debit limit does not represent a gift of “free money”; it is just a limit beyond which you should never go. No one can “give” free access to other member’s offerings. Remember, every Talent you go into the negative represents a promise to give back to the community the same amount.

The object in the Talent Exchange is not to accumulate Talents but to trade actively and keep your mean balance around zero over the long term. That means you are giving as much as you are receiving.