samsungIn the CES it is normally the seller who enters the details of a transaction. This is because there is no such thing as ‘pay’ or ‘payment’ in the CES: there is no currency to ‘pay’ with. After a transaction has taken place, all that needs to happen is that a record is made of it. No ‘money’ goes from buyer to seller.

It is usually better that the seller enters the transaction information because the seller has a greater interest in recording it than the buyer. In market situations it is the seller who records all the sale information and therefore has to be the one who enters it. In a market scenario it could not possibly work if the entering of the transactions was left up to the buyers!

However, there are some situations where it is convenient if the buyer enters the transaction information. Some sellers are not computer literate and sometimes they do not have a computer or smartphone. Other times the traders want to get the transaction settled immediately, or the seller has no means of recording the buyer’s details, or someone wants to make a gift or donation to another. In such cases it is possible for the buyer to enter the transaction, and this can be done from the CES mobile site.

To ‘pay’ a seller, log into your CTTE account on the mobile site at Then select (or touch) the Record A Transaction – as buyer button. The rest is obvious!

‘Paying’ a seller this way will most likely be done on a mobile phone but it can also be done from a normal computer by logging into the mobile site at the address above.