If you are new to the Talent Exchange, here are some tips to get you started on the right footing.

1. Add a profile picture

A real photograph of yourself instead of the default icon indicates that you take things seriously and want to be seen.

To add a profile picture on the desktop site, log into your new account and select My Account from the button with the same name. On your Account Details page, click the button next to Upload photo to upload a photograph of yourself. Select the photo from your computer and then click the [Update] button.

To add a picture on the mobile site, log into your account and tap the three small, horizontal bars at the top left. Tap on My Account and then My picture. Take a picture of yourself and then tap the [Submit] button.

2. Check your details

The details about you that are displayed on the site are the details you provided when you signed up. Sometimes these are wrong or contain typos. This doesn’t look good. Please correct any errors by going to your account profile as described above. After making any changes, click/tap the [Update] button to save the changes.If you do not want certain of your contact details to be displayed on the site, you may hide them. This can only be done on the desktop site. Simply check the relevant checkboxes and then save your profile. Email addresses are hidden by default.

3. Upgrade your offerings

Again, the details about your offerings are what you provided when you signed up. Often these are too brief, may contain typos or are not clear exactly what it is that you are offering.Your offerings are adverts about what you are going to provide to the community of traders. The more detail you provide the more custom you will receive. Poorly described offerings will be ignored by others and result in disappointment with the Talent Exchange for you.

To edit your offerings on the desktop site, log into your account and click the Offerings button. Select My Offerings from the drop-down list, which will list your current offerings. Here you can edit, delete, hide or update your offerings. Click Edit to edit to the offering. Upload a picture of your offering by clicking the Upload picture button. Select the picture from your computer. When done, click the [Update] button.To add a new offering, do the same as above but select Add Offering instead. Choose a type (i.e. Talent-only, gift, barter etc.) and fill in the rest of the details as requested. Add a photo if you have one and click [Add Offering] to save it.

To edit your offerings on the mobile site, log into your account and tap the three small, horizontal bars at the top left. Tap My Account and select My ads. From the list, select the ad that you want to edit. Make any changes that you want and add a picture by tapping the button at Update picture. When done, tap the [ Update ] button.To add another offer, tap the three small, horizontal bars at the top left again. This time, tap Offers & Wants and select New ad. Enter a new offering and, if you want to, take a picture of the offering with your phone’s camera. Tap the [ Submit ] button to save it.

4. Add some wants

Using the details above for offerings, you can add some wants in a similar way.

5. Get to know the site

Get to know the desktop and mobile sites. The latter is much easier to understand and use, but has fewer features than the desktop site.There are many useful tips on how to use the sites on the CTTE website here: https://www.ctte.org.za/category/tips/

6. Get active

Get to know other CTTE members by coming to our monthly markets. Here you can get to know who provides what. Often, market traders do not advertise their offerings as they do enough trade through the connections they make at markets. There is more going on in the Talent Exchange than can be seen from the offerings and wants lists!

7. Join the CTTE Telegram forums

CTTE has two Telegram chat forums. Join both to keep in touch and facilitate your trading. You can find the invite links from the home page of your account, after you log in:

CTTE Trading Group
CTTE Discussion Forum