Traditionally, market sellers have used trading sheets to record their trades. Then, after the market, they enter the transactions into their computers.

While this works well, it comes with some problems. Sometimes, buyers give the wrong account number on the trading sheets, which results in angry emails from wrongly debited members. Other times, buyers who are way over their debit limits or whose accounts are locked, receive goods provided in good faith. When sellers enter such transactions later, they are advised not to trade or are prevented from trading with the member because of their poor standing. Also, some sellers take many months to enter their transactions, leaving other members unsure of their real balances. This can lead to confusion and anger on the part of members, who have long forgotten what they received.

The way around these problems is to use the CTTE mobile web app at to enter transaction records in real-time.

Either the seller or the buyer can enter the record when something is provided/received. This will prevent the problems mentioned above.

The mobile web app is much simpler to use than the desktop website. At markets, simply login to your CTTE account using your phone, go to¬† Transactions and leave your phone on standby. When something is provided, enter the buyer’s account number, a description of what was provided and the Talent amount. Tap the [ Submit ] bar.

On the confirmation page, check that the name shown is the buyer’s name. If it is not, cancel the transaction and request the buyer to confirm their account number before proceeding.

After confirming the transaction, the outcome of the transaction will be shown. To enter the next transaction, tap the Record another transaction option.

Buyers can also enter the transaction when they receive something. The only difference from the above is that buyers must choose the Enter as: [Buyer] button. When the buyer enters the transaction, it is like a ‘payment’.