The Talent Exchange is an exchange system. It is designed to facilitate exchange without using money. But, as we have witnessed during this period of lockdown, it is not terribly useful when we are not in a position to physically provide or receive much. The money-based exchange system appears to continue working because some “essential” distribution points (shops) remain open and we can still receive supplies of “essential items” (food, pharmaceutical drugs, etc.). This might give the impression that the money system is more useful, overall. While this might be the case right now, there is no doubt that there are hard times ahead. Millions are going to be without access to money and so are not going to be able to participate in what is left of the money economy.

In the regular economy, we can run out of money if we do not have jobs. Lack of jobs is what is going to characterise the future, as many small businesses will not recover from the closure of the economy.

In the “Talent economy” we cannot “run out of money” because we “pay” for what we receive by providing something for others at a later time. So long as we have the ability to share our real talents with others, we are in a position to receive. But if nothing is produced then there is nothing to exchange.

For this reason, we should all be preparing to look after ourselves in the context of our local communities. Governments, corporations and charitable institutions are not going to come to our rescue. Plant a veggie garden to provide at least some of your food requirements. Exchange your surplus for the things you cannot provide for yourself. If you are not in a position to supplement your food supply then consider carefully what you can provide for your community. Concentrate more on really useful products that you know others will need. Get your offerings on the site now, ready for the slowdown after the end of lockdown!