Unlike other notices you have received from service providers and event organisers recently, informing you that services or events are suspended/cancelled for the period of the lockdown, this one is to inform you that the Talent Exchange is NOT suspended during this period.

On the contrary, now is the time to get on board with the Talent Exchange. Obviously, there is little possibility of the direct transfer of goods and the provision of personal services during this time, but that should not prevent us from providing for the needs of others and for finding help to satisfy our needs.

The Talent Exchange is the ideal platform for letting the community know how we can help each other during this time, and for letting others know what your needs are. Use your imagination to find novel ways to assist each other.

The lockdown and the resulting closure of many money-based enterprises are going to cause much economic hardship. The Talent Exchange could become the lifeboat that is needed to help us through the difficult times ahead. As we learn to provide for ourselves, our families, our friends and our communities, we are going to need a way to exchange what we have and can do for what we need. Simply because we do not have money does not mean that we cannot satisfy our needs. We can ‘pay’ for what we receive with what we can do and give to others.

Let’s think of innovative ways to use the Talent Exchange during this period. Already we have a running online market, which is replacing our regular face-to-face markets. If you would like to join the many who have already joined this online market, log into your account and sign up to the WhatApp groups advertised on the start page. (NB: these group chats are for CTTE members only.)

Please let us have your ideas about how we can make CTTE more dynamic during these difficult times. Post your ideas on the forums. Here are a few we have thought of:

  • Very local WhatsApp groups where members in close proximity can advertise what they have and require
  • Sharing of resources of videos, podcasts, music, electronic books, graphics…
  • Offers of online courses, training, advice, designing, writing, editing, companionship…
  • Requests for advice, assistance, help…