Add a photograph of yourself to the CTTE web site and brighten up the display for all. If you have no picture, a boring, generic face-shape will be shown.

Now that the CTTE mobile site has been upgraded it is more important than before to ensure that you upload a photograph of yourself. Members like to see who they are dealing with.

To add your photograph you will have to use the desktop web site, until we add this feature to the mobile site. Log into your account and hover over the [My Record] button at the top and select My Record from the drop-down menu. That will take you to your personal record, where you can modify any detail and perform various actions (such as add a new offering).

To add a photograph of yourself, look down near the bottom of the top panel, left-hand side, for Upload photo. Click on the ‘Browse’ or ‘Choose file’ button and select your photograph from your computer. After selecting the picture, click on the [Update Record] button. This will upload your photograph to the server, resize it and display it on your records.

You don’t need to upload a large photograph of yourself because the programming is going to reduce it in size. And because your photograph is going to be displayed in a round format, it is best that the image you upload is square. If it is oblong, there is no guarantee which part of the image will be selected for display. If your face is not centred it could end up being to one side or out of the picture completely!