There are 6058 active members listed on the Cape Town Talent Exchange, yet there are only 1021 offerings listed, many of which are the second, third and fourth offerings of the same member. This tells us that most members have no offerings, even though one of the conditions of using the Talent Exchange is that members have at least one valid offering.

If you have no offerings then by rights you should not be requesting anything on the exchange. Only those who have offerings should be considered active members, so if someone responds to one of your offerings you should check if they have offerings before agreeing to provide what you have advertised. The same goes for those who have posted Wants. Before responding, you should check if they have any offerings that can be used to ‘pay’ for what they are requesting.

The maximum time that an offering can remain valid is one year. This means that if you provided offerings when you joined the Talent Exchange, and you have been a member for more than a year, your offerings have expired and are no longer visible to other members.

It is very easy to update your offerings and add new ones. Log into your account and click on the [Offerings] button at the top and then select ‘My Offerings’ from the drop-down list. That will take you to the list of your offerings, even if they have expired.

If you still have offerings listed, it will show you which ones have expired. To resuscitate them, simply click on the ‘Update offer (to today’s date)‘ link at the bottom of the advert. That will update the offering giving the start date as the current date and will extend its life for another 6 months.

If you would like to alter the offering in any way, or give it a longer or shorter life, click on the ‘Edit offer‘ link at the bottom of the advert. Please delete offerings that are no longer valid.

To add a new offering click on the [Add New Offering] button at the top right.