hideHow many times have you responded to an offering, only to be told by the seller that they are not accepting Talents at the present time. After all, the times are hard and they have bills to pay, and Talents can’t be used to pay the rent!

One’s first response is to request the advertiser to remove the offering if they are not prepared to honour it.

If you are an advertiser with an offering quoting a Talent price, but not actually prepared to provide it unless the buyer pays Rands or part-Rands, then please hide the offering if you don’t want to delete it. An offering quoting a Talent price but which you are only prepared to sell for Rands is a dishonest offering. It means you are using the Talent Exchange as a free advertising platform and not respecting the ethos of the exchange.

♦ To hide an offering, log into your account and then hover over the [Offerings] button at the top, and select the ‘My Offering’ option from the drop-down menu. This will list all your offerings. Simply click the ‘Hide offer’ option at the bottom of the ad and the offering will be hidden. This means that the offering is still there but no one can see it and it will not be sent out in this Newsletter. To unhide an offering do the same but click the ‘Unhide offer’ option to make it visible again.

Unfortunately many members feel that when they are offering something on the exchange they are offering it for free, in the sense that are not getting Rands for it. This is very shortsighted thinking. Although there are times when it is difficult to ‘spend’ one’s Talents, when you do purchase something on the Talent Exchange it does save you the Rands, so you do get your Rands in a round about way. If the financial press is anything to go by, it is important to learn alternative ways of exchange in economic downturns rather than shunning them in a desperate attempt to keep the Rands flowing.