wantsIn the Talent Exchange there is a tendency to focus on Offerings rather than Wants. This is understandable as most of us use the exchange to see what it has to offers us in much the same way as we look at shop catalogues, advertisements and online mail-order sites. Additionally we are obliged to advertise offerings in order to join the exchange, but this requirement does not apply to wants.

It is a pity that the Wants feature of the Talent Exchange site tends to get ignored. Many members log into the site to check what is on offer, and then become disappointed when they find nothing they require. How many times have you heard members say “I’ve earned so many Talents but there is nothing there for me to spend them on”?

The Cape Town Talent Exchange is part of the Community Exchange System, which emphasises community. This means that the Talent Exchange is not just an advertising platform for “stuff” like most shopping sites. It is an attempt to build community by connecting us to those who can provide what we want. All of us have needs and requirements, and only we as a community can satisfy them. Let’s get away from the idea that the world consists of entities selling stuff in order to obtain our money. Let’s rather let each other know what it is that we require and then help each other to satisfy those requirements.

So if there is something you want, whether it is assistance, information, transport, accommodation, goods or a service, advertise it on the Wants List and see what happens. Many members have been pleasantly surprised to find their most obscure wants satisfied.

The latest wants are sent out each week in the Newsletter . You will also find a link in the Newsletter to allow you to add a new Want, or log in to your account and do it on the site or with your mobile phone (cell.ctte.org.za).