buddyAre you aware of the Talent Exchange buddy system?

We implemented the buddy system a few years ago in order to encourage members to get others to join the Talent Exchange. When someone joins CTTE and indicates which member encouraged them to join, that member becomes their buddy. The duty of the buddy is to show the new member (the “bud”) how to use the site and get started as a trader. When the “bud” trades, the buddy receives a reward in the form of a percentage of the transaction levy. The more “buds” that a buddy has, and the more that the “buds” trade, the more that the buddy is rewarded. The reward is in the form of “buddy points”, which can be redeemed to Talents.

Many longstanding members aren’t even aware that they are buddy to one or more members. To check if you have any “buds”, log into your CTTE account and then hover your mouse over the [My Record] button at the top, and then select “My Buddy Points” at the bottom of the drop-down list. This will open the ‘My Buddy Points’ page. To see who you are buddy to (i.e. to see who are your “buds”), click on the “My ‘Buds’ [View]” button at the bottom right. If you would like to nominate someone as your buddy (i.e. the member who encouraged you to join), click on the [Select a Buddy…] drop-down list and select the member.

If you have ‘scored’ any buddy points you will see the amount of them that are redeemable (i.e. convertible to Talents). If you have points to redeem, enter how many points you would like to redeem (usually all of them!) and click the [Redeem] button. That will credit your account with the same number of Talents. To see the Talents in your account, call up your statement of account.

To ‘earn’ Talents this way, please encourage others to join the Talent Exchange and make sure that they mention you as the person who recommended┬áthem to join. You will then benefit every time they trade. The more you encourage them to trade the more Talents you will ‘earn’.