unsubscribeHave you had enough of emails from the Talent Exchange? Well, it is very easy to unsubscribe from any and all Talent Exchange mailing lists.

While we don’t recommend cutting yourself off completely, if you are no longer participating in the Talent Exchange then you might get annoyed about continuing to receive the regular emails sent out by the administration. There is the weekly Newsletter and your monthly statement of account, and occasionally a notice/update from the administrator. There are also reminders that your offering(s) are about to expire.

Most emails from the administrator provide you with an unsubscribe link at the bottom. All you have to do is click that and follow the instructions.

To get off all mailing lists in one go, or to choose which emails you want to receive, it is easier to make explicit choices from your Talent Exchange account.

Log into your account and hover over the [My Record] button at the top. Select My Record from the drop-down menu, and that will take you to your personal profile (Edit My Account Details).

Towards the bottom, above the Personal Actions section, you will see a row of checkboxes:

Stop Lists:  [ ]   Stop Newsletter:  [ ]   Stop Updates:  [ ]   Stop Statements:   [ ]  Stop Reminders:  [ ]

…check whichever ones you do not wish to receive and then click the [Update Record] button.

After that you will only receive those regular emails that you have not checked. This does not mean that others or the administrator cannot contact you personally through the site; only that you will stop receiving the regular emails that the administrator periodically sends to all or selected members.