riseHave you noticed how your offering(s) attracted a lot of initial attention and then died off?

This is natural, for when your offerings are added they start at the top of the list and are immediately visible to those users who check regularly for new offerings. Also, many users go to the Offerings page and click on one of the ‘latest offerings’ lists that are accessible on that page.

Once your offerings no longer qualify as ‘latest offerings’ they get pushed further and further down the category lists on which they continue to appear, until they are effectively out of sight and out of mind. And when this Newsletter gets sent out each week it includes only the offerings added in the past week. Your offerings will not be included and will only be seen by those who actively seek them.

To keep your offerings ‘active’ go to them regularly and ‘refresh’ them by updating. This tags your offerings with the current date and brings them back to the top of the list and will ensure they are included in the weekly list.

It is very easy to update your offerings. Log into your account and hover your mouse over the [Offerings] button on the menu bar at the top. Then select “My Offerings” from the drop-down menu. This will open a page displaying all your offerings. To update your offerings click on ‘Update offer (to today’s date)’. That will refresh the offering and bring it to the top of the list.

If you wish to edit one or more of your offerings click on ‘Edit offer’ for the particular offering. You can also delete offerings that are no longer relevant and hide ones that are not currently applicable but might be at a later time.