Sin título-1The Cape Town Talent Exchange has two Facebook pages: the CTTE – Cape Town Talent Exchange group and the Cape Town Talent Exchange Trading Group.

The former is where you can find out about the latest events relating to the CTTE, while the latter is intended as another place to advertise your offerings and wants.

If you have news about an event or any information that might be of interest to other Talent Exchangers, please advertise it on the CTTE group. That way we can spread news about the exchange to the public and those who seldom log into the CTTE accounts.

Advertising on the Trading Group is a great way to say more about your offerings and engage in converation with other traders. Don’t be put off by the fact that all prices are adversited in Rands! That is just the way Facebook does it: converts all prices into the local ‘debt-based currency’ (Rands on our case). One day all prices will be in Talents!

Please promote our groups by voting for them with your ‘likes’.