barterBecause Talents work in a way similar to Rands, most of us think of the Talent Exchange as a ‘money substitute’. In a sense it is, because the Talent Exchange is a mechanism that facilitates exchange, much the same as regular money does.

However, using a medium of exchange (Rands) or keeping records (Talents) are only two methods of facilitating exchange. The Talent Exchange offers and encourages the use of a range of exchange methods, each one offering different opportunities and results.

Firstly, you can have gift offerings. This is a great way to recycle goods that would otherwise end up in a landfill or on a dark shelf in your storeroom. A gift is given without any conditions or strings attached, except that you “pay it forward” by offering something as a gift yourself.

Secondly you can have barter offerings. This is where you offer something without stating explicitly what you require in exchange. It is for “what offers?” type of offerings or where you negotiate what you will accept.

Thirdly you can have swap offerings. This is where you exchange or swap something explicitly, e.g. reiki session for a massage; Beethoven CDs for Mozart CDs; gardening for a car wash; one hour of what you do for one hour of what you need, etc.

You can also invent your own category of offerings, such as a sharing event. A group of people could get together and share a task that each requires, such as house painting, establishing vegetable gardens, babysitting etc.

Please try some of these other exchange methods. You will find them useful to attract what you require. They also serve to connect people in ways that other methods do not.