tmp_8487-serveimage554885899Have you ever entered a Recommendation about a seller after receiving a service or some goods?

It is important that we express our gratitude and appreciation if we receive something that impresses. This way we can help each other build up our trading reputations. A trader with a good reputation helps others decide which provider to use should there be several with the same offering.

It is very easy to enter a recommendation. The best way to do it is when you receive the email notification that the seller has entered the transaction. In the email you will see:

If you were satisfied with this purchase please leave a recommendation for the seller [recommendations form]
Click on [recommendation form] and you will taken directly to the Recommendations List where you can click on the [Give Recommendation] button and enter a recommendation for the seller.

You can also go to the site later and enter the recommendation directly. After logging in, click on the [Trading] button at the top. At the bottom of the drop-down list you will see ‘Recommendations’. Click on that and you will see the [Give Recommendation] button.

To find out if a user has any recommendations, search for the user from one of the search forms (e.g. the one permanently on the green bar at the top). This will allow you to call up the user’s account page where you can click on the ‘View Recommenations’ button. This will display all recommendations received and given by the user.