barterNew offerings are being added to the Offerings List all the time. The most amazing offerings are often there for a very short time as they get snapped up and removed almost immediately. If you seldom log into your account or rely only on the weekly Newsletter, you are likely to miss the best offerings.

To ensure that you don’t miss the best offerings you should log into your CTTE account every day and check out the latest offerings. The very latest offerings show in the middle of the home page after you have logged in, but to see more offerings click on the [Offerings] button and select Latest Offerings from the drop-down menu.

On the Latest Offerings page you can select the latest offerings from CTTE, South Africa or the rest of the world. Various other options can be selected on this page to help you focus on what you are seeking.

You can also see the latest offerings from the Cape Town Talent Exchange on this web site. Click on the [About CTTE] button above and select Latest Offerings.

The best way of finding specific offerings is by doing a search. There are a number of ways of searching for offerings but the quickest is to select Search Offerings from the drop-down menu. Simply type in a search word and click the search button. If your search turns up nothing try using alternative search words, or even parts of words. For example, you might be looking for a baby sitter but those words turn up nothing. Try searching for ‘babysitter’ (one word), ‘babysitting’, ‘baby sitting’, ‘childminding’, ‘childminder’, even ‘child’ or ‘baby’.

If you are looking for something that could be provided by anyone, anywhere (e.g. editing, translating, graphic design, accommodation) then expand your search by selecting other exchanges, other countries and even other servers. You can trade with any advertiser anywhere in the world. You will be amazed at what a global search can turn up.

Selecting Offering Categories from the drop-down menu allows you to browse the types of offerings that interest you. This way you will have to manually search through the offerings.

Make sure that your own offerings are up to date because many advertisers will not sell to prospective buyers who have no offerings. If you advertise part-Rands for your own offerings you can also expect advertisers to adjust their Talent-only prices to include a Rand component to match yours!