mobileAre you aware that there is a separate mobile interface for the Cape Town Talent Exchange?

With your smart phone, go to and access your CTTE account wherever you are.

The mobile site is a cut-down version of the full site, but it has all the main functions that allow you to enter trades, view/enter/edit offerings and wants, add announcements, manage your account, check the trading record of others, and many other things.

For those who find the full site too complicated, you can also access the much simpler mobile site from your regular desktop or laptop computer.

One great feature of the mobile site is that you can use it to ‘pay’ sellers (Record a Transaction – as Buyer). In most cases it is the seller who enters transactions, but sometimes it is more convenient if the buyer enters the transaction. Here are some examples where you, as buyer, can use this feature:

  • in a market situation where you want the transaction entered immediately
  • where you receive some goods or a service and you want to save the seller the bother of having to record your details and enter the transaction
  • where the seller has no way of recording your account details
  • where the seller is not familiar with entering transactions
  • where the seller has no device with which to enter transactions.

From the seller’s point of view, it is convenient to ask the buyer to ‘pay’ you so that you can be sure that their account is not locked. A locked account means that you cannot credit your account against it. The buyer can settle in some other way, but this is often inconvenient because the buyer has already received what you have provided.

Do give the mobile site a try. You will definitely find it quick and easy to use.