The CTTE mobile site has been upgraded  to allow you to take and upload photos directly from your mobile device (smartphone, tablet).

You can now take pictures of offerings, wants, announcements and yourself directly from the web app. No longer do you have to take pictures with your camera, transfer them to your PC and then upload them from there.

Go to and log into your account. To take pictures for offerings, wants or announcements, tap on the Offerings, Wants or Announcements options from the main menu and then on their respective Add Offer, Add Want or Add Announcement buttons.

On the input form you will see an image button. Tap on that and your device should offer you the option to take a picture with its camera or upload a picture you have already taken. When you submit the form the picture will be uploaded to the CTTE site.

To take a picture of yourself, tap on the My Account option from the main menu. Scroll to the bottom of your personal profile form and you will see My Actions. Tap on that and then on the My Picture option on the pop-up menu. That will take you to an input form where you can upload or update your personal picture. As above, your device should offer you the options of taking a picture of yourself with the device’s camera or of uploading a picture of yourself that you have already taken.

Create a start page icon to log in directly

With a start page icon on your smartphone or tablet, the mobile site works just like a stand-alone app. Read how to create a start page icon here: How to add the CTTE mobile site to the home screen on any smartphone or tablet