Many new users find the CES website difficult to use, and this puts them off they say.

It is true that the CES website does appear complex at first, especially when entering that first trade. There seem to be so many options it can put one off for good!

If this has been your experience, why not try the mobile site? The mobile site is not an ‘app’ in the sense that it is something that you install on your mobile device like all those other apps available from the app stores. It is just another website, but one optimised for mobile devices. This does not mean you cannot use it on your PC or laptop.

Try out the mobile site with your PC or laptop by going to or This will give you access to a very much more simplified website, where you can do most of the same things you can do on the full desktop site.

If you just want to enter a transaction or two, log into the mobile site and then click on the Transactions option. Select Enter Transaction from the popup box. Then fill in the details requested by the three input boxes and click on the [Submit] button. If the details on the Confirm Transaction page look good, click the [Confirm] button. That’s it. It couldn’t be simpler.

The default on CES is for the seller to enter transactions but on the mobile site you can enter transactions as the buyer, so it feels like you are ‘paying’ the seller. This is useful in situations where the seller does not have a device to check your balance and is not certain of your standing.

If you have multiple transactions to enter (e.g. you were the seller at a market) then it is easier to use the desktop site, which has an option to enter multiple transactions at one time.

If you are accustomed to using the full CES website from your PC or laptop, give the mobile site a try. You will be surprised to find that you can do most of the things that you are used to doing from the desktop site. You can then ignore the desktop site and use it only for things that you cannot do on the mobile site.