Frequently, the Administrator is asked by CTTE users to update their email address or some other detail about their account.

The CTTE is not a mailing list;¬†it is a trading platform much like your internet banking account with your regular bank. You can’t simply send an email to your bank¬†asking them to change your details. How would the bank really know it is you and not someone impersonating you? In the same way, the CTTE Administrator can’t change your details on the basis of an email.

If you need to change some detail about your account, such as your email address, it is very easy to do it yourself. Simply log into your account and hover your mouse pointer over the [My Record] button at the top, and select ‘My Record‘ from the drop-down menu.

That will bring up your personal account record. Change any detail that you want and then click the [Update] button. If you have changed your email address, your new email will be effective immediately.

On CTTE you are fully in control of your own details, so to be sure that someone is not ‘hacking’ your account, please amend your own details. The CES website is very powerful and it allows you to do things you cannot do on your regular internet banking account.

For example, if you make a mistake when entering a transaction, you can go back and edit or delete it. To Edit/Delete a transaction, hover over the [Trading] button and then select ‘Edit/Delete Transactions‘ from the drop-down menu.