Some providers (sellers) are tardy in entering their transactional information and this can cause consternation for those who received from them (buyers). When sellers take a long time to enter their transactions, buyers are placed in a position of not knowing what their actual balances are. While this has been partly rectified by buyers now being able to ‘pay’ sellers (i.e. they can enter transactions as the buyer, as opposed to the normal situation where the seller enters transactions). However, this is not always practicable as much trading takes place at markets and the assumption then is that the seller will enter the trading information. After a while, buyers forget what they received – especially if it was a food item. Then, if the seller takes months – or even years – before they enter their transactions, the buyers can no longer remember and the transaction entry in their statement of account comes as a surprise!

In order to rectify this situation, a decision has been taken to amend the CTTE Terms & Conditions document to ensure that transactions are entered promptly. The document has been amended as follows (bold text):


I accept the above terms of use and conditions and undertake further to:

3.3 Enter transactional information as soon as possible after a transaction takes place. If I have not entered such information within three (3) months, I accept that the other party is entitled to refuse the entry. If I do not have the means to enter transactions myself, I will get another user to do it for me or provide the details to a co-ordinator or the administration.

This new condition becomes effective from the beginning of October 2019 and will not be applied retrospectively. So, in future, if you receive something and the provider does not enter the transactional information within three months, you are entitled to refuse the entry by requesting the provider to delete the transaction.