Although it is possible for buyers to enter transactions, it is the convention in the Talent Exchange for sellers to do it. While this is more convenient for both the seller and buyer, it does mean that errors can be made. Sometimes buyers give the wrong account number to the seller or the seller simply makes a typo and enters the wrong number. Whatever the case, occasionally the wrong buyer gets debited. Sometimes too, the wrong amount gets entered or the description of what was provided is wrong. All this can cause alarm for buyers, who then have to contact the seller to do something about it.

If you, as buyer, get incorrectly debited, don’t enter a counter-trade to annul it. That way you will be debited the levy twice. Instead, contact the seller and ask for the transaction to be deleted. If it is some other kind of error (e.g. wrong amount), also contact the seller and ask for it to be corrected. Only the seller can correct errors and delete transactions.

It is very easy for sellers to correct transaction errors. Log into your account and hover over the [Trading] button. Select Edit/Delete Transactions from the drop-down menu. That will bring up your statement of account, showing which transactions are editable. These are any transactions you have entered in the past 45 days. After the 45-day window period, the transactions are locked and can’t be deleted or edited by the seller.

To edit/delete a transaction, click on the description of the trade. That will bring up the Edit/Delete Transaction form. To delete the transaction, simply click the [Delete] button; to edit it make your changes to the Amount or Description fields and then click the [Update] button.

If you, as a buyer, discover an error after the 45-day edit period, contact the administrator to have it corrected.

Remember, all transactions should be entered within three months after the actual trade takes place. If you take longer than three months to enter a trade, the buyer can decline the debit and is entitled to ask you to delete the transaction.