Here is a list of actions for active users.

1. Reset your password

Many members haven’t logged in for a long time because they have forgotten their login details: their account numbers and passwords. It is very easy to recover your account number and create a new password for yourself. At every login box, you will see “Forgotten your details?”. Click/tap on that and you will be able to search for your account number and request a link to reset your password. You can go directly to the reset page by clicking/tapping here. If your email address has changed, you will have to ask the administrator to update it before you can request the reset link.

2. Update your Offerings

Offerings make the Talent Exchange go round. Without offerings the exchange is dead. Many complain that there are not enough interesting offers, but those are mostly users without offerings themselves.

Offerings do not last forever. If you submitted offerings with your application, they will have expired after a year. To update your offerings, log into your account and go to Offerings > My Offerings. That will allow you to perform various actions on your offerings, including updating them. If you never got much response to your ads, try making them more interesting by editing the text and uploading a picture.

Another way to ensure that other members find your offerings is to use the keywords option. Here you can add a number of keywords that are not in your text but which other users might search for.

Remember to delete your Offering ads if they are no longer relevant.

3. Enter your Wants

Do you need, want or require something? Why not advertise it on the Talent Exchange. It can be anything: goods, services, information, assistance, companionship… Log into your account and go to the Wants section to do this.

Remember to delete your Want ads if they have been satisfied or are no longer relevant.

4. Get help

There are users on the exchange who will gladly help you to get going. Some advertise assistance but if your sub-area has a coordinator, you can call on him/her for help. Log into your account and go to Users > Coordinators to access the list.

5. Set your sub-area

The Talent Exchange is divided up into a number of sub-areas. These are areas where users are most likely to trade with others. If your sub-area is not set, no one will know where you live. Without that knowledge, other users might skip over your ads because they have no idea if you are close by. To check or set your sub-area, log into your account and go to My Record. In your personal record, you can select and save your sub-area.

6. Update your contact details

Ensure that your details are always up-to-date. If your email address changes, you will not receive any notifications and you won’t be able to reset your password. Ensure that your phone number is up-to-date too, else other users will not be able to contact you.

7. Hide your details

If you are worried about your contact details displaying on the internet, you can hide any or all of them. Log into your account and go to My Record. On the desktop site, you will see checkboxes next to the fields that can be hidden. Simply check the items you want hidden and then update. On the mobile site, go to My Account and tap the three horizontal bars at the top right. Select My Settings from the pop-out menu and then choose what you want to hide. Email addresses are hidden by default

8. Enter your trades promptly

The Talent Exchange has a “three-month rule”, which means that you – as seller – must enter your trades within three months. If you don’t, your buyers are entitled to reject your entries and you won’t be able to credit yourself for what you have provided.

9. Invite a friend to join the Talent Exchange

On the desktop site, you will find an Invite option on the Home button. That brings up an invitation email that you can send to a friend.

10. Mailing lists

It is possible to choose which emails you wish to receive. Log in to the desktop site and go to My Record. There you will see checkboxes that allow you to choose what you do and don’t wish to receive. Remember to update if you make any changes.