tellerWhile most members are familiar with how to enter their transactions, many new members are puzzled when it comes to recording their first trades.

The first thing to remember in the Talent Exchange is that it is the seller who enters the transactions. For many this is counter-intuitive as we are so familiar with the idea that buyers pay sellers and so we think that in the Talent Exchange it must be the same.

There is no such thing as ‘pay’ in the Talent Exchange as there is no currency to pay with. All we do is record (keep a memory) of what went from providers/givers (sellers) to receivers (buyers). If you think about it, it is far better that the ‘seller’ enters this information than the ‘buyer’.

So if you have sold/given/provided something, you need to record what was provided in order for your account to be credited.

To do this, log into your account and then on the home page after logging in, click on either…

➢ Enter Single Transaction (list)
➢ Enter Single Transaction (quick)

…under Quick Actions in the left hand column. Select or enter the buyer’s account number, enter a description of what was provided and the amount you agreed on. Press the [Submit] button, confirm the transaction and it is done. Easy!